Keep Your Bunny Busy with our Exciting Rabbit Toys

Rabbit toys come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to cater to different bunny personalities. At Just4rabbits we offer an array of rabbit toys to keep your furry friends entertained and mentally stimulated.

Based on the behaviour of our own Bunnies, we have noticed that rabbits have individual personalities and preferences. It's a good idea to offer a variety of toys to keep them engaged and happy.

Whether it's for mental stimulation, physical exercise, or simply some playtime, our range of rabbit toys has something for every bunny.

Explore our collection of entertaining Rabbit Toys below:

More Than Fluff: Fun Enrichment Toys to Stimulate Your Rabbit's Mind and Body

Enrichment toys are designed to stimulate your rabbit mentally and physically. As prey animals, rabbits need mental stimulation to keep their minds active and prevent boredom. Enrichment toys encourage natural behaviours like foraging, chewing, digging, tossing, and more.

The table below (courtesy of, details a few select toy categories for rabbits, their primary benefits, and a few popular examples:

CategoryBunny BenefitsPlayful Picks
Foraging ToysAllow rabbits to mimic natural foraging behavioursStuffed grass toys, seagrass tubes with hay
Boredom BreakersProvide entertainment and interactionBalls, logs, wreaths
Chew ToysSatisfy chewing instincts safelyWillow, apple, pear wood pieces
Interactive ToysMentally and physically stimulatePuzzles, treat balls, stacking cups

Unleash Your Rabbit's Inner Forager: Fun Foraging Toys for Mental Stimulation

Historically, wild rabbits spent a large portion of their time in the open searching for food. As a result of this inherited behaviour, foraging toys allow your rabbit to mimic their natural foraging instincts. Foraging toys also provide mental enrichment by making your rabbit "work" for their food.

Some great foraging toy options are:

  • Stuffed grass toys
  • Seagrass tubes filled with hay
  • Willow wreaths with hidden treats
  • Cardboard tubes or boxes filled with hay and greens

These engage your bunny's natural instincts to dig, toss, rip, and nibble to uncover tasty morsels inside. Foraging extends mealtimes and prevents boredom.

Cure Bunny Boredom: Fun Boredom Breaker Toys to Entertain Your Rabbit

Boredom breaker toys give your rabbit something fun to interact with when playtime strikes. Rabbits love to toss, nudge, roll, and manipulate toys. Great boredom breakers include:

  • Balls
  • Logs
  • Wreaths
  • Other toys that move or make noise when touched

Opt for natural materials like wood, grass, vines, willow, and more. The textures interest bunnies as they explore with their teeth and paws. Just be sure to supervise playtime to avoid ingestion of small pieces. Boredom breakers are a fun way to enrich your rabbit's environment.

Healthy Chewing: Wooden Chew Toys to Satisfy Your Rabbit's Gnawing Instincts

Wooden chew toys satisfy your rabbit's natural chewing instincts in a safe way. Rabbits need to chew constantly to wear down their ever-growing teeth. Wooden toys are healthy alternatives to furniture, carpets, and baseboards!

Choose untreated, pesticide-free woods like:

  • Willow
  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Poplar

The fragrant wood holds your rabbit's interest as they nibble, gnaw, and dig. Opt for whole wood pieces, balls, keys and interactive puzzle feeders. Supervise use to prevent large ingestion and introduce new chew toys regularly to keep it exciting.

Get Your Bunny Brain in Gear: Interactive & Learning Toys for Smart Rabbits

Interactive toys stimulate your rabbit mentally and physically for better health and happiness. Puzzles, games, and learning toys encourage natural behaviors while challenging your bunny.

Great options include:

  • Treat-dispensing balls
  • Stacking cups
  • Wooden puzzles with hidden treats

These toys require manipulation and problem-solving. Your rabbit will happily play for hours, keeping their mind sharp. Rotate frequently to prevent boredom. Interactive toys provide enriching mental stimulation.

A firm favourite in our collection of learning toys is definitely our set of stacking cups for rabbits. Our customers love them too!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - “My bunnies love picking these up and throwing them around, especially down their ramps to make a loud, clattering sound! In general they’re not interested in toys, but the love these.” John Lewis

Forage to Your Heart's Content: Fun Grass Foraging Mats for Your Rabbit

Foraging mats satisfy your rabbit's instinct to forage while providing a stimulating activity. Scatter some hay and treats in the mat's grassy texture and let your bunny hop to it! They'll be kept happily occupied digging for buried treasure with their teeth and paws.

Mats come in handy sizes for use inside playpens and exercise spaces. The enticing textures and materials engage your rabbit's senses of smell, sight, and touch. Foraging mats can be sanitized and reused. They're an enriching source of entertainment for penned playtime.

A Castle Fit for a Rabbit: Cozy Hideaways and Castles for Your Bunny

Rabbits love to hunker down in cozy hideouts. Providing castles and hideaways appeals to your bunny's natural shelter-seeking behaviors. Safe spaces to retreat to help make your rabbit feel secure.

Choose enclosed hideaways with multiple entrances so your rabbit doesn't feel trapped inside. Natural wood castles with ramps and lookout perches allow free exploration. Place soft bedding inside to create the perfect den.

Hideouts also provide mental enrichment as your rabbit dashes in and out or guards their new domain. Paired with open exercise space, castles make for active, enriched playtime.

Rabbit Toys 101: Your Top Questions Answered

What kind of toys do rabbits like to play with?

Rabbits enjoy interactive toys that allow them to dig, chew, toss, and forage. Good options include tunnels, balls, chew sticks, digging boxes, snuffle mats, and willow wreaths stuffed with hay or treats. Provide a variety of enrichment toys to keep your bunny engaged.

Does bunny play with toys?

Yes, rabbits do enjoy playing with the right toys! Make sure to provide engaging options that allow them to dig, chew, forage, and move around. Monitor playtime to ensure safety. Rotate toys to maintain interest.

Do rabbits like cuddly toys?

Some rabbits may cuddle certain soft toys, but chewing and destruction are more likely. Stick to sturdy, interactive toys meant for chewing and playing. Supervise any plush toys to avoid choking hazards.

How do you stimulate a bored rabbit?

Bored rabbits need engaging toys and activities. Provide tunnels to run through, balls to toss and chew, puzzles to solve, and boxes to explore. Rotate toys frequently for variety. Also try supervised playtime and exercise.

How do I know if my rabbit is bored?

Signs of a bored rabbit include destructive chewing, aggressive digging, excessive vocalization, listlessness, and repetitive behaviours. Prevent boredom by providing mental and physical enrichment with toys, exercise, bonding time, and an interesting habitat.

What makes rabbits happy?

Rabbits are happiest with enrichment toys, exercise, social bonding, a stimulating habitat, a balanced diet with hay, and another friendly rabbit for companionship. Provide proper care and affection to keep your bunny healthy and content.

What are the safe DIY toys for rabbits?

Safe DIY rabbit toy ideas include cardboard tubes, untreated wood blocks, paper bags filled with hay, and toilet paper rolls stuffed with treats. Always supervise playtime and avoid anything sharp or toxic.

Hot Topic: “Do Empty Toilet Paper Rolls Make Good DIY Toys?” – 38 Bunny Owners Give Their Opinion

This exact question was posted on a popular rabbit training and bunny advice Facebook forum. We have analysed the responses, and this is what we discovered.

Based on the comments from the 38 unique participants:

  • 8 participants, so about 21% felt that empty toilet paper rolls made good toys for rabbits.
  • 5 participants, so about 13% thought that they were bad toys for rabbits as they were unsafe.
  • 25 participants, so about 66% gave pros and cons but did not say outright how they felt about empty toilet paper rolls as toys for rabbits.

Some key takeaways from the discussion:

  • Cardboard can contain chemicals, binding agents, and dyes that may be harmful if ingested by rabbits. It's best to avoid cardboard with tape, print, or colour on it.
  • However, many owners report their rabbits enjoy playing with and chewing on empty toilet paper rolls with no apparent ill effects. As long as the rabbits are supervised and not actually eating the cardboard, it may be okay in moderation.
  • An alternative is to use organic, unbleached toilet paper rolls. The cardboard may be safer, though the adhesives holding the rolls together could still be an issue.
  • Stuffing the rolls with hay or treats makes a fun puzzle toy for rabbits to interact with. This reduces interest in ingesting the cardboard itself.
  • Other suggested rabbit-safe materials to chew on include apple tree branches, pine wood, untreated willow, and bamboo sticks. Dried pinecones and cardboard cat scratchers also make good alternatives.
  • In summary, while cardboard toilet paper rolls may pose some minimal risks, many rabbit owners have success offering them in moderation while supervised. Safer chew toy alternatives are also widely available. Knowing your individual rabbit's chewing habits is important to prevent gastrointestinal issues.

So, in this particular discussion, most people saw both sides of the issue when it came to toilet paper roll toys for rabbits, with a slight lean toward the pro side, but no overwhelmingly majority stance.

We did some further research, and this is what we discovered:

Yes, empty toilet paper rolls can make excellent DIY toys for rabbits according to several authoritative sources:

  • The RSPCA includes toilet roll tubes in their list of 8 simple DIY enrichment toys for small pets like rabbits 
  • PDSA provides instructions for making a toilet roll toy filled with hay and treats.
  • Animal Corner recommends empty toilet rolls stuffed with hay or paper as homemade rabbit toys.

Enrich Your Rabbit's Life: Jacqui's 5 Expert Tips for Fun Toys

  1. Provide interactive enrichment. Choose toys that allow for natural behaviours like digging, tossing, chewing, and foraging to keep your rabbit engaged and sharp. Products like snuffle mats, wobble toys, and stuffed hay feeders are great options.
  2. Supervise playtime. While toys are meant to stand up to rabbit play, supervision ensures safety. Watch while your bunny interacts with new toys and remove any damaged items.
  3. Offer variety. Every rabbit has unique preferences, so provide an assortment of tunnelling, chewing, hiding, and interactive toy options to accommodate different personalities, play styles, and needs.
  4. Make DIY toys. Simple homemade toy ideas like untreated wood blocks, cardboard tubes, paper towel rolls, and bags filled with hay allow for safe, economical enrichment. Supervise use of any DIY toy.
  5. Rotate rabbit toys frequently. Switch up the items in your rabbit's habitat every week or two to fight boredom. Alternate toys to maintain novelty and interest. Store extras to rotate back in later.