Satisfy Your Rabbit's Cravings for Delicious Timothy Hay

Treat your bunny to nature's perfect snack - premium Timothy Hay straight from lush fields across Britain. At Just4rabbits, we source only the finest quality Timothy Hay to keep your bunny happy and healthy.

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All You Need to Know About Timothy Hay for Rabbits

Timothy Hay is a nutritious grass hay made from the dried stems and leaves of the Timothy Grass plant (Phleum pratense). It is a perennial grass native to Europe and widely grown in the UK as a hay crop.

Timothy Hay has a coarse, abrasive texture that provides dental health benefits for rabbits. It comes in different cuttings based on when it's harvested during the growing season.

1st Cut Timothy Hay: The High-Fibre Choice for Your Bunny

  • Highest in fibre, lowest in protein and energy
  • Coarse stems and seed heads
  • Yellowish-brown colour
  • Excellent for dental health

Best for:

  • Most healthy adult rabbits
  • Great for overweight rabbits who need more fibre and fewer calories

2nd Cut Timothy Hay: Easier to Chew, Easier to Love

  • More protein and energy than 1st cut
  • Greener in colour
  • More leaves, fewer stems
  • Provides balanced nutrition

Best for:

  • Most healthy adult rabbits
  • Great for rabbits who need something easier to chew and digest

3rd Cut Timothy Hay: The Protein-Packed Powerhouse

  • Highest protein and energy
  • Very leafy, soft texture
  • No seed heads
  • Easiest to chew

Best for:

  • Underweight rabbits or those with dental issues
  • Provides extra nutrition for convalescing rabbits

7 Key Benefits of Timothy Hay for Your Rabbit

  • High in Fiber - Timothy hay contains 25-30% fibre, which is essential for healthy motility and digestion. It helps prevent obesity.
  • Dental Health - The coarse, abrasive stems wear down teeth and prevent overgrowth and dental disease.
  • Nutrition - Timothy hay provides protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for balanced nutrition.
  • Gut Health - The indigestible fibre promotes a healthy gut microbiome and prevents issues like diarrhoea.
  • Natural behaviour - Chewing on hay fulfils rabbits' innate need to graze and forage. It reduces boredom and stress.
  • Low Calorie - The high fibre and low calories help rabbits maintain a healthy weight.
  • Safety - Timothy hay is safer than legume hays which can contain excess calcium and calories.

Timothy Hay Feeding Guidelines: Portion Sizes for Healthy Rabbits

Rabbit SizeRecommended Amount
Small breed (2-4 lbs)1/4 cup timothy hay per 4 lbs body weight
Medium breed (4-7 lbs)1/8 cup timothy hay per 2 lbs body weight
Large breed (7+ lbs)1 cup timothy hay per 5 lbs body weight
  • For young rabbits under 7 months, provide unlimited timothy hay along with 1/2 cup pellets per 6 lbs body weight.
  • When introducing new hay, transition slowly over 3-5 days by mixing in small amounts and monitoring appetite/stool.
  • Store hay in an airtight container in a cool, dry, dark place. Discard any damp, soiled or mouldy hay.
  • Refill hay racks daily with fresh, green, leafy hay. Discard uneaten hay.
  • Use hay racks to minimize waste and keep hay clean. Place racks near play areas for easy access.

Your Top Questions About Timothy Hay, Answered

Q. Is Timothy Hay good for rabbits? A. Yes, Timothy Hay is excellent for rabbits! It supports dental health, gut health, healthy weight, and natural behaviours like grazing.

Q. How much Timothy Hay should rabbits eat per day? A. Rabbits should have unlimited access to hay at all times. They will naturally eat enough to satisfy their needs, which is about 1-2 times their body size per day.

Q. Do rabbits prefer alfalfa or timothy hay? A. If given a choice, rabbits might prefer alfalfa hay for its richer taste, but Timothy hay is generally the healthier choice for adult rabbits because it's lower in calories and protein than alfalfa. Alfalfa can cause obesity.

Q. How often should I give my rabbits Timothy Hay? A. Give your bunnies fresh Timothy Hay every morning and make sure they always have an unlimited supply available 24/7.

Q. Can a rabbit eat too much Timothy Hay?
A. No, rabbits cannot eat too much timothy hay. The high fibre keeps their digestive system healthy.

Q. Why won't my rabbit eat Timothy Hay? A. If your rabbit stops eating hay, get their teeth checked for overgrowth. Also, try a different cutting or greener batch of Timothy Hay to stimulate their appetite.

Q. What's the best way to store Timothy Hay? A. Keep Timothy Hay in a cool, dry place out of sunlight. An airtight container will maintain freshness and minimize waste.

Q. How do I transition my rabbit to Timothy Hay? A. Gradually mix in more Timothy over 2 weeks while reducing pellets and alfalfa. Make the switch slowly to avoid digestive upset.

Q. Can I give my rabbit grass hay instead of timothy hay? A. Yes, other grass hays like oat, meadow, or orchard can work. Timothy remains the #1 choice for its fibre content and dental benefits.

Why is Timothy Hay the Most Recommended Variety of Hay for Rabbits?

We peeked into a discussion of real bunny owners to find out for ourselves. An engaged and enthusiastic group of (mainly) bun mums raised these key points.

Why Timothy Hay is the Preferred Choice

  • It provides the right balance of fibre, protein and minerals for adult rabbits. Not too rich like alfalfa hay.
  • Rabbits seem to find it very palatable. Some owners describe their rabbits devouring Timothy hay!

"Mine love the Timothy, they absolutely devour it!” – Jayne G.

  • It supports dental health as the long strands help wear down teeth.

"I use long strand Timothy hay it's great for wearing down their teeth and for digestion" – Kim M.

  • Widely available, easy to find both online and in stores. Can buy small sample bags to try.
  • Buying in bulk directly from online hay specialists is the most affordable option.

The Timothy Hay Round-Up: 5 Key Points to Remember

  1. Cutting – Select 1st cut for healthy adult rabbits, 2nd cut for easier chewing, and 3rd cut for rabbits recovering or with dental issues.
  2. Freshness – Look for greener, leafy hay with good aroma. Avoid hay that is too brown, dusty, or mouldy.
  3. Mix It Up - Alternate different cuttings or brands to keep your rabbit interested. Variety also ensures balanced nutrition.
  4. Leaf to Stem Ratio – Higher leaf content indicates more nutritious, premium hay.
  5. Storage – Keep hay in a cool, dry place in an airtight container or hay net. Store away from direct sunlight.

High quality Timothy Hay is the cornerstone of a healthy rabbit diet. Choosing fresh, leafy Timothy Hay from reputable UK sources provides the fibre, nutrients and enrichment rabbits need to thrive.