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Rabbit Treats Your Bunny Will Love

Treating your bunny to something irresistibly yummy is one of life’s great joys! But with so many options out there, how do you choose the healthiest, most nutritious treats to delight your rabbit?

Our handpicked collection takes the guesswork out of finding snacks your Bun will flip for. From foraging-inspired toys to wholesome hay-based cookies, you’ll discover an array of rabbit treats to mix up mealtime and keep those bunny teeth busy.

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Hay Cookies & Snack Bars

Foraging Treats

Healthy Rabbit Treats

Fruit & Veg Treats

Foraging Treats: Delightful Discoveries For Every Bunny

Rabbits are natural foragers with an innate drive to nibble and graze. Offering foraging-based treats allows them to indulge these natural behaviours. The act of sniffing out hidden morsels provides physical and mental enrichment. Foraging toys stimulate curiosity, satisfy chewing urges, and prevent boredom. Rabbits get physical activity from manipulating the toys to access tasty snacks.

These benefits all contribute to positive welfare. Our foraging treats let your bunny tap into natural foraging instincts while getting the nutrition of rabbit-safe flowers, herbs and vegetables.

“Absolutely going to buy again, mixed in with bunnies hay and they had a lovely forage, many thanks, excellent.” – Jaqs   ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

“It smells very nice and the way sage ate it I’m guessing it tasted great too.” – Jo  ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Elevate Snack Time With Hay Cookies And Snack Bars For Rabbits

The sugary treats found in pet stores can lead to obesity and dental issues in rabbits. A healthier alternative is to provide hay-based cookies and bars. These make nutritious and delicious treats your bunny will love. Timothy hay supplies fibre for digestion and dental health. Added fruits, vegetables and herbs provide vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients lacking in processed sugary snacks. The natural sugars and carbs give your bun a little sweet treat without the artificial junk. Just a couple of cookies or a snack bar break up the monotony of plain hay and pellets for an enjoyable nibble.

Botanical Hay Cookies
Crunchy cookies baked with nutritious timothy hay and real veggies

Chamomile Hay Cookies
Calming chamomile and lavender blended into hay cookie goodness.

Dandelion Hay Cookies
Forage-fresh dandelion petals add nutrition and flavour.

Luxury 7-Herb Bars
Parsley, basil, coriander, dill & more make these bars a savory sensation.


Cookies & Snack Bars

Natures Own Oat Cookies

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Healthy Rabbit Treats: From Fruity Delights To Crunchy Bites

Pamper your pet with thoughtfully crafted snacks made from quality ingredients. These treats deliver nutrition along with yummy flavours. Whole food ingredients provide healthy sources of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals lacking in commercial pellets and hay alone.

Varied textures and temperatures keep rabbits engaged. Offering an abundance of healthy treats prevents bunnies from begging for unhealthy human food. Rotate through our nutritious snacks to spice up your rabbit’s dining routine.

Fruity & Herby Snacks (from our Burgess Excel Range)

Nibble Cushions & Crunchy Sticks

Healthy Rabbit Treats

Fruit & Veg Treats: A Symphony Of Flavours For Your Rabbit

While leafy greens and hay make up the bulk of a rabbit’s diet, fruits and vegetables add flavour and nutrition in moderation. Limit high-calorie, high-sugar fruits to occasional treats. Focus on lower glycemic options like berries and apples. Enjoy a wider variety of low-starch vegetables. Rotate different produce to add diversity for boredom relief without overdoing the natural sugars. Discover which fruits and veggies your bunny flips for! Our line of 100% natural dried veggie and fruit treats are perfect for training, bonding and the occasional sweet treat.

Veg Filled Forage Tunnels – Packed with deliciously irresistible herbs and veg to promote the natural foraging instinct of your rabbit.

Fruit & Vegetables for Rabbits

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This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Fruit & Veg

Apple – Diced

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Fruit & Veg

Beetroot Flakes

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Fruit & Veg

Banana Chips

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Fruit & Veg

Carrot Slices

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Case Study – Can Rabbits Survive Without Fruit And Vegetables?

In an online discussion among a small group of Rabbit owners, the question arose regarding the necessity of fruit and veggies in a rabbit’s diet. One particular participant was concerned that her bunny showed little interest in fruit and veg, preferring hay and pellets instead. We analysed the discussion and here are a few collective opinions that arose:

  • Rabbits can survive without vegetables as long as they have a balanced diet of pellets and unlimited hay. However, vegetables provide important nutrients and water.
  • Introduce vegetables slowly starting around 6 months old. Offer a variety as bunnies can have individual tastes.
  • Popular veggies include romaine (cos) lettuce, parsley, cilantro, mint, dandelion greens. Limit high sugar fruits.
  • Daily greens are recommended by some sources for nutritional benefits, though amounts vary. Pellets should not exceed veggies.
  • If bunny has good hay intake, eats pellets, and drinks water, lack of veggies may not be a big concern. Keep trying new greens periodically.
  • Monitor poop quality as an indicator of gut health. Offer fresh forage if possible. Overall, do what works best for your individual bunny’s health.

In summary, vegetables are ideal for nutritional balance but not absolutely required if the rest of the diet is sound. Pay attention to your bunny’s particular needs.

We dug a little deeper into the topic of fruit and vegetables being essential to rabbit survival by seeing what trusted sources such as RWAF, RSCPA, The British Rabbit Council, PDSA, woodgreen.org and rabbit.org had to say.

After analysing the information available it appears the answer to the question, do rabbits require fruit and veg to survive, is that while small amounts of some fruits and veggies can be fed as treats, fruits and non-leafy vegetables are not essential to survival. In conclusion, the generally accepted opinion appears to be that a healthy rabbit diet centres around unlimited hay (and water), some leafy greens, and limited pellets.

From Apples To Berries: Fruits Your Rabbit Can Enjoy

Rabbits can safely eat a variety of fruits in moderation. Some good fruits for rabbits include:

Apples – A favourite of many rabbits. Remove seeds and core first.
Bananas – High in potassium and vitamin C. Feed in moderation due to high sugar content.
Blackberries – Loaded with antioxidants and provide vitamin C.
Blueberries – Full of antioxidants, vitamin C and fibre.
Cranberries – Provide vitamin C.
Dried cranberries have added sugar so feed sparingly.
Grapes – Contain vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants. Feed seedless grapes and limit portions.
Melons (honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon) – High water content keeps rabbits hydrated.
Oranges – Full of vitamin C. Limit due to natural sugars.
Peaches – Provide vitamin A, C and niacin. Remove pit first.
Pears – A great source of fibre for rabbits.
Pineapple – Contains vitamin C and bromelain. Remove skin first.
Raspberries – Loaded with fibre and antioxidants like vitamin C.
Strawberries – An excellent source of vitamin C for rabbits. Remove leaves first.

Garden Delights: Vegetables Your Rabbit Will Love To Eat

Rabbits can eat a wide variety of vegetables. Some healthy veggies for rabbits include:

Bell peppers – Contain vitamin C and beta-carotene.
Bok choy – Packed with vitamin A, C and K.
Broccoli – Loaded with vitamins C, K and A. Feed cooked or raw in small amounts.
Brussels sprouts – High in fibre, vitamin C and K.
Carrots – A great source of vitamin A. Feed in moderation.
Cauliflower – Provides vitamin C and K.
Cucumbers – Help keep rabbits hydrated.
Kale – Loaded with vitamins A, C and K. Introduce slowly.
Mint – Can help with digestive issues.
Parsley – Rich in vitamin C, A, K. Can be fed fresh or dried.
Romaine lettuce – Packed with vitamin A and potassium.
Spinach – Full of vitamin A, C, K. Feed in moderation.
Watercress – Provides vitamins and minerals like vitamin K.

The key is to feed rabbits a balanced diet with a variety of fruits and veggies. Introduce new foods slowly and limit high-sugar fruits. This provides rabbits with important vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Nibbling Notes: Frequently Asked Questions About Rabbit Treats

What is a nice treat for a rabbit?

Healthy options like hay cookies, compressed hay cubes and chews. Dried fruit and veggies like banana chips or carrot flakes. Small amounts of fresh fruits/veggies.

The healthiest treats are based on hay, herbs, vegetables and fruits low in sugars. Look for all-natural, options without added sugars.

Yes, both red and green grapes are safe for rabbits in moderation. Limit to 1-2 grape treats per day.

Rabbits love leafy greens like romaine (cos) lettuce, kale and parsley. Fruit treats like banana chips or apple slices are a hit. Most rabbits also enjoy fresh herbs like mint, basil or coriander.

Crunchy vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and cucumber are hard for bunnies to resist. Fresh bananas and berries are irresistibly sweet and juicy. Fragrant fresh herbs will entice their senses.

No, dairy products like cheese are not digested well and can cause stomach issues. Stick to veggie or fruit-based treats instead.

Unlimited hay and leafy greens are safe for daily treats. Limit fruits, starchy veggies, and commercially made treats to a few times per week.

Yes, a small slice of apple is safe 2-3 times per week. Be sure to remove seeds and stem first.

Spoiling your bunny is part of being a pet parent! Browse our full selection of quality rabbit treats now.

Nibble-Worthy Knowledge: Our Top 5 Tips For Rabbit Treats!

Choose natural foraging toys to engage bunny instincts Allow your rabbit’s innate urge to nibble and forage with herb- and veggie-filled rings, tunnels, trays and boxes. These stimulating edible toys provide hours of enrichment.

Choose healthy, natural pre-made treats While homemade treats can be nutritious, it’s not always practical for busy pet owners. Look for wholesome pre-made treats made from quality ingredients like timothy hay, dried flowers and herbs.

Pamper your rabbit with healthy, gourmet rabbit treats Thoughtfully crafted snacks made from quality ingredients like fenugreek, rosehips and yucca deliver nutrition along with delicious flavours.

Offer an abundance of fruits, veggies and leafy greens Rotate lower glycemic fruits like berries and apples with vitamin-rich veggies to prevent boredom and begging.

Stick to wholesome ingredients approved for rabbits Avoid unhealthy additives by choosing treats made from all-natural, seed-free, nut-free and plant-based ingredients perfect for rabbits.

Following these tips will ensure your furry friend enjoys the healthiest, most nutritious rabbit treats that bring out their natural foraging instincts!