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Essential Rabbit Accessories For Health & Happiness

Just4rabbits offers a wide range of must-have accessories to enrich your bunny’s life and make rabbit ownership easier. Browse our categories to find everything from cozy hideaways and engaging toys to time-saving litter tools, grooming supplies and more. Our products are carefully selected to to promote natural behaviours, ease grooming, reduce boredom and keep your rabbit healthy and happy.

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Bedding & Litter

Grooming & Cleaning

Scratch Mats & Hideaways

Food & Water Bowls

Scratch Mats and Hideaways

Scratch mats and hideaways offer essential benefits for pet rabbits, enhancing their overall wellbeing and mimicking their natural behaviours.

Scratch mats provide a surface for rabbits to wear down their constantly growing claws naturally, preventing discomfort and potential health issues. Hideaways serve as a sanctuary for rabbits, offering them a private space to retreat and feel secure, which is crucial for their mental health.

These accessories also encourage physical activity and environmental enrichment, helping to prevent boredom and promote healthy, engaging behaviours.

Brushes, Combs & More For Easy
Rabbit Grooming & Cleaning

Keeping rabbits clean and well-groomed is essential to their health and happiness. Rabbit grooming tools like slicker brushes, de-matting combs, latex grooming brushes and furminators help remove loose hair and prevent matting.

Our own rabbits love being brushed with The Kong Zoom Groom, which helps to gently remove their loose hair like a magnet. Some of our customers love them too!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ “This is a brilliant brush! I dipped it in water and it really helped the hair come off and it’s so easy to clean after. Willow seemed to really enjoy being brushed, it was like it was massaging her too. Best brush I’ve ever used!” – lauraloo_2

For sanitation, litter boxes with hay racks, litter pellets and scoops make potty training easy. Disinfectants and cleaning supplies keep hutches fresh. With the right accessories, grooming and cleaning are simple.

Case Study – How Do You Groom A Bunny Who Hates Being Picked Up?

A group of 34 rabbit owners were asked this exact question, and had these great tips to share:

Get down on the bunny’s level. Sit or lay on the floor with them instead of holding them up. This will help them feel more secure.
Offer healthy treats during grooming. Pellets, small pieces of fruit/veg, or foraging treats work well.
Start with short grooming sessions of just a few minutes and work up from there. Keep sessions positive. Stop if they seem very stressed.
Try different brushes to see which they dislike less. Some bunnies prefer soft bristle brushes, glove brushes, or even damp hands over certain brushes.
Groom while the bunny is distracted with a meal, favourite toy, or organic toy to chew on.
Have a helper provide pets or treats while you brush. Lift and groom just one area at a time if needed, like just the back or belly area
Allow bun to relax in between. Give bunny a treat and pets as a reward after grooming to help make it a positive experience.
Be patient and keep sessions relaxed and calm. With time and positive reinforcement most bunnies will come to accept or even enjoy grooming.

Hay Feeders And Holders For Healthy,
Mess-Free Rabbit Meals

An unlimited supply of fresh hay is vital for rabbit digestion and dental health. Hay feeders, racks and balls dispense hay while minimizing waste. Feeders with anti-tip designs prevent spills. For on-the-go feeding, portable hay bags allow you to take hay anywhere. With innovative hay accessories, your rabbit will enjoy a steady diet of hay.

Wooden hay feeders are a smart choice for rabbit owners looking for a safer, more durable and eco-friendly feeding option. With proper care and quality manufacturing, they make an excellent hay management solution.

Giving Your Rabbit The Royal Treatment With Cozy Bedding & Odor-Busting Litter

Cozy and absorbent bedding keeps your rabbit comfortable in their hutch or litter box. Paper-based bedding controls odour and is disposable. For nesting mothers, shredded paper allows natural burrowing behaviours.

Litters made of wood, paper and natural fibres are low-dust and non-toxic. With the right bedding and litter, you can give your rabbit a clean, dry home.

Barley straw makes excellent bedding for rabbits as it provides warmth and insulation. The hollow stalks trap air to keep rabbits warm in winter. Fresh barley straw also provides a comfortable surface to rest on and helps with minimizing smells.

Essentials In A Box:
The Ultimate Rabbit Starter Kit

A rabbit starter kit contains everything needed for a new bunny owner. Kits can include a hutch or cage, bowls, litter box, toys, grooming tools, food, supplements and bedding. Kits take the guesswork out of shopping and ensure you have essential supplies. For an easy transition to rabbit ownership, an all-in-one starter kit is the way to go.

Rabbit Runs & Tunnels: Ensuring Safe
Outdoor Excursions For Your Bunny

Safe outdoor exercise is essential for a happy, healthy rabbit. Rabbit runs provide a secure enclosed area for playtime and binkying. Some fold up for compact storage. Tunnels allow bunnies to pop in and out of runs. Interlocking systems let you expand play spaces. With spacious runs and tunnels, your rabbit can enjoy the outdoors safely.

Home Sweet Hutch: The Best Runds, Castles &
Hutches For Rabbits

From runs to multi-level hutches and castles, there are many enclosures for housing rabbits indoors and outside. Look for adequate space, ventilation, easy cleaning and protection from predators. Hutches often have ramps, platforms and access doors. Portable cages are great for travel. Choose a well-constructed hutch or run to meet your rabbit’s needs.

Case Study: Thoughts On Selecting And Buying A Good Indoor Rabbit Hutch.

58 bunny owners hop in with their opinions. This is what they had to say:

Wire flooring is better than solid wood – wire allows urine and poop to fall through so the rabbit doesn’t sit in it.
Wood soaks up urine over time. Wire is easier to clean. Look for a hutch with removable plastic trays underneath the wire floor – makes cleaning super easy.
Line with puppy pads or washable mats for quick cleanup. Avoid wood hutches if your rabbit is a chewer – many people said their bunnies chewed right through wood hutches, even with chew toys available.
Metal or wire hutches hold up better. Look for a hutch with a hideaway area or cave – gives the rabbit a sense of security and privacy. An enclosed area up top works well.
Consider an all-wire pen or crate rather than hutch-style – provides more open space and easier cleaning.
Check that the hutch is not made from cedar or contains cedar – cedar is unsafe for rabbits.
Let your rabbit out for exercise and social time, don’t plan to keep them locked up all the time.
Free roaming is ideal if possible. Read reviews carefully to evaluate quality and durability.
Size matters – many people said the hutches pictured were too small, especially for permanent housing.
Look for a hutch that provides enough room for your rabbit to move around, eat, sleep, etc. Consider attaching an exercise pen to allow more space.

Dining Delights: The Best Food &
Water Bowls For Rabbits

Durable food and water bowls are a must for rabbits. Ceramic bowls resist tipping and are easy to clean. Stainless steel bowls also work well. For large amounts of food, try a crock bowl. Water bottles and dispensers with metal ball bearings provide hydration without spills. With the right bowls and bottles, feeding your rabbit is simple.

Understanding Bunny Care: Delving Into Rabbit Accessories FAQs

What are the most essential accessories for a new rabbit owner?

The most essential accessories are a spacious hutch or cage, food and water bowls, litter box with litter, hay feeder, toys, brush, nail clippers, carrier and rabbit-safe cleaning supplies. A great starter kit should contain all of these.

For a good rabbit carrier or transport cage, prioritize sturdy construction with a secure latch, proper sizing, and adequate ventilation. Additional features like a padded floor, easy cleaning, and seatbelt straps can enhance the carrier’s utility and comfort for the rabbit.

When it comes to rabbit bedding, the RSPCA recommends dust-extracted wood shavings or shredded paper for warmth, straw or hay for insulation, and newspaper for absorption.

Tunnels, platforms, ramps, dig boxes, chew toys, treat puzzles and hiding places make great additions to living spaces. Rotate new toys weekly to prevent boredom. Provide litter boxes on each level of multi-level enclosures.

Place the box in the corner your rabbit already frequents. Put a handful of soiled litter inside to encourage use. Give treats when your rabbit uses the box. Add more boxes on each level of their space. Clean boxes daily and replace litter weekly. Be patient – it can take weeks or months for litter training to fully click.

Paper-based litters made from recycled paper, citrus, pine or aspen effectively control odours. Stay away from cedar and softwood litters. Scoop daily and change entirely every 1-2 weeks. Add baking soda or vinegar during full litter changes to absorb lingering smells.

Our Top 5 Tips For Rabbit Accessories
– Essential Recommendations For Rabbit Care