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Water Hyacinth Plaits

Hand plaited from 100% natural, sustainable water hyacinth. Provides essential enrichment to their lives, helping to prevent boredom and provide them with something to gnaw, chew and play with.

  • 100% natural, no pesticides
  • Helps to keep teeth trim
  • Provides enrichment
  • Hand Plaited
  • 3 per pack

Approx length: 25cm each

Weight 0.06 kg

9 reviews for Water Hyacinth Plaits

  1. Shelby Thomas (verified owner)

    Very pleased and impressed with how much my buns loved these plaits!

  2. Charlene (verified owner)

    My bunnies love these! Gone within minutes!

  3. Jo Elson (verified owner)

    My 2 loved these they were gone in minutes 🙂

  4. annabellas87 (verified owner)

    Bunnies loved these and they were quickly destroyed! They also loved the water hyacinth ball so this is a great range for rabbits!

  5. amy.wilford (verified owner)

    My bunnies love the hyacinth plaits; they’re great for keeping them busy. It doesn’t take them long to demolish one though so make sure you buy plenty!

  6. ajones1108 (verified owner)

    My boy absolutely adores these! They never last long but keep him thoroughly entertained while they last, he loves to throw them about.

  7. Shelley Legge

    Received in subscription box and my boy really enjoyed ripping into this plaits. I think they’re excellent value for money as they’re quite large and my boy absolutely loves water hyacinth so these were perfect!

  8. Chris F (verified owner)

    Our bunnies love these! We were wise to spread them out over a couple weeks or so because each one was gone within a day. They’ve been needing extra things to chew on and these were perfect.

  9. abiwilliams1994 (verified owner)

    My bunny loves these, they’re gone in no time! I was surprised at how big the plaits were too, excellent value for money!

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