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Ultra Premium Timothy Hay Sample Box

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Ultra Premium English Timothy Hay sample box.


Timothy Hay sample box containing 500 grams of our ‘Super Stlaky’, Ultra Premium, English Timothy Hay as used for our Foraging Fun Baby Bales.

There is no longer a need to import Timothy Hay from Canada!

Top Quality, Ultra Premium, British Timothy Hay; without the air miles!

Our ‘Super Stalky’, Ultra Premium, English Timothy Hay, is the first choice of the just4rabbits test team. We have not seen the just4rabbits test team consume so much hay since it’s arrival.

Grown specifically for small animals, our Super Stalky, virtually dust free, Ultra Premium Timothy Hay is what your rabbit has been waiting for.

Our Ultra Premium Timothy Hay for rabbits, is grown right here in the heart of the Hampshire countryside and is harvested at the optimum time ensuring the maximum amount of nutrients.

Ultra Premium Timothy Hay for rabbits is perfect for wearing down teeth and maintaining a healthy gut and a happy rabbit.

Hand Packed to ensure you only get the finest quality hay in your box without nasty surprises!

We care about the environment, therefore our hay is sun dried and naturally coloured. NO extra energy from biomass or other sources are used to dry our hay!

We are extremely proud of our Timothy Hay.

How many hay suppliers can trace the providence of their hay from seed, to each operative in the field and into your box?

  • 1st Cut, 100%, Super Stalky Timothy Hay.
  • Bursting With Nutrients
  • High In Fibre
  • Sun Dried, NO extra energy is used for drying
  • Beautiful Fresh Smell
  • Loose Packed To Maintain Integrity
  • Delivered in an 80% recycled and 100% recyclable, plastic free cardboard box

Nutritionally balanced hay the way nature intended.


This hay is used for making our Foraging Fun Baby Bales.

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Ultra Premium CanadianTimothy Hay, Ultra Premium English Timothy Hay

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