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Baby Bale – Best Of Both

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Timothy Hay and Meadow Hay blended Baby Bale.


Baby Bales encourage the natural foraging instinct of your rabbit and helps to promote hay eating.

Sun dried Timothy Hay and Meadow Hay, harvested at the optimum time ensuring the maximum amount of nutrients.

Grown naturally in the field and dried using traditional methods.

  • Sun Dried Timothy Hay and Meadow Hay, NO extra energy is used for drying
  • Bursting With Nutrients
  • High In Fibre
  • Rich in vitamin D
  • Dust Extracted
  • Beautiful Fresh Fragrance
  • Tied using natural sisal (biodegradeable)
  • Packed in brown Kraft paper bag (easily recyclable)

Each bale weighs a minumum of 1.1kg

Size: length: 36cm, width: 19cm, height: 16cm

Please remove sisal once your rabbit has chewed through it.


Weight 1.2 kg

4 reviews for Baby Bale – Best Of Both

  1. lucy.waller6 (verified owner)

    My rabbits love the baby bales! It’s such a good idea and with the stand it keeps most of the hay off of the floor to reduce waste!

  2. marie.taylor348 (verified owner)

    My bunnies love these bales – I put them in a corner their large litter/hay tray (I have a 1mx1m tray). They love to sit on the bale and nibble away. 1 bale lasts about 2 weeks (I pick up the bale and put it to one side when I empty the tray). I don’t give them bales all the time though as don’t want them to get bored of them.
    Mine actually prefer this ‘plain’ bale with no toppings – which is better for me as they are cheaper.

  3. kjp1988 (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these bales, my bunnies get the best of both types of hay and love how fresh it is

  4. Julie Baldwin (verified owner)

    Hay Bales what a great idea 👍
    I’ve got the Bale Holder too which makes it even better.
    My Bunnie’s chomp away it from the sides and hop on top too 😁👍

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