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Timothy & Meadow Hay 50/50 Box

Timothy Hay For Rabbits
Timothy Hay
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Premium Quality, 1st Cut Timothy Hay and Meadow Hay for your rabbit, boxed and delivered carriage free to your door.


We wouldn’t feed just any old hay to our rabbits and we wouldn’t expect you to either. Our Premium Quality, Sweet Smelling, Timothy & Meadow Hay 50/50 box for rabbits is harvested at the optimum time ensuring the maximum amount of nutrients.

Sun ripened, harvested and barn dried using traditional methods to preserve nutrients and fibre that mechanical drying often removes.

We care about the environment, therefore our hay is sun dried and naturally coloured. NO extra energy from biomass or other sources are used to dry our hay!

Hand Packed to ensure you only get the finest quality hay in your box without nasty surprises!

We are extremely proud of our Timothy & Meadow Hay.

  • 100% Premium Quality, Timothy & Meadow Hay for your rabbit
  • 1st Cut, Stalky Timothy Hay
  • Sun Dried, NO extra energy is used for drying
  • Bursting With Nutrients
  • High In Fibre
  • Rich in vitamin D
  • Virtually dust free
  • Beautiful Fresh Fragrance
  • Delivered in an 80% recycled and 100% recyclable, plastic free cardboard box

Nutritionally balanced hay the way nature intended.

Timothy Hay & Meadow Hay for rabbits and guinea pigs at an affordable price. Boxed and delivered carriage free to your door.

Do you have a fussy bunny? Why not try one of our sample packs? Choose between, Timothy, meadow or a 50 / 50 pack.


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9 reviews for Timothy & Meadow Hay 50/50 Box

  1. kylieann1989 (verified owner)

    So this is what 9kg of hay looks like! It smelt incredibly fresh when it arrived and huckleberry literally dived straight in so paws up from bun. Great little extra thrown in too which is always lovely! Arrived within two days over new year so well done to this little business ❤️

  2. Emma (verified owner)

    I’ve tried my rabbit Nova on so many brands of hay and Just4rabbits have been the only ones to give my boy golden poos. I’m so so happy with this product, I couldn’t recommend higher!

  3. lauraloo_2 (verified owner)

    My baby bunny Willow is really enjoying this hay. It smells AMAZING and the 4kg box will last ages as I only have the one bun atm. It’s really helping her poop become the right colour too! Quick delivery and packaged really well. This was my first purchase and I’ve already put another order in for other things!

  4. Samantha Campbell (verified owner)

    Fabulous hay, my bunnies love it! And an added bonus of it coming with out any plastic packaging is great!! Thank you Just4rabits!!

  5. Rachel (verified owner)

    The biggest selling point for me is the fact it comes in a giant box and I’m not buying stupidly small bags of hay for my 3 bunnies! They love it, it’s such good quality and it does smell wonderful.

  6. Tatiana Novikova (verified owner)

    Great quality, beautifully fragrant hay! I used to think my bun wasn’t a big fan of hay, but it turns out he just doesn’t like the store-bought, plastic-packaged kind. This, he will gleefully munch on at all hours.

  7. Danielle Curtis (verified owner)

    The quality of this hay is far superior to any other hay I have purchased for my two bunnies. They absolutely love it and, as mentioned in another review, their poop has turned a lovely golden colour. They absolutely love this hay and get so excited every time I open the box. The delivery was very quick and I thought the sketch of the bunnie on the cardboard box was a lovely, personal touch. Will be ordering from this website for the foreseeable future!

  8. Abie Salter (verified owner)

    The BEST hay around! Owning rabbits for 8 years means I have tried various brands, but nothing compares to the quality of Just4Rabbits- it’s the only hay my bunnies will eat! I won’t order from anywhere else now. Thank you so much!! 😊

  9. pukaruane (verified owner)

    This is the best hay I have gotten for my buns! Two of them are very picky eaters but was instantly eating this! Will always order here never even thinking of anywhere else!

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