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Timothy Chop Hay Brix

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Timothy Chop Compressed Hay Brix


Timothy Chop Compressed Hay Brix for rabbits promotes the natural foraging instinct of your rabbit, whilst providing an enriching challenge to break out the hay.

  • 100% nutritious, Timothy Chop Hay
  • 1kg of Timothy Chop Hay
  • Helps to keep teeth and claws trim
  • Shipped in food grade kraft paper bag

Weight: 1kg

Size Approx: 16 x 14 x 8cm

Weight 1.1 kg

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6 reviews for Timothy Chop Hay Brix

  1. Sarah

    Wow!! Such an amazing idea…my buns went straight for this and enjoy digging to get the hay, it’s so lovely to watch! Will add this to my order every time, brilliant enrichment 😀

  2. S_lou_lou_7 (verified owner)

    This has lasted my bun ages! I do keep it in an airtight container and lift it out as a treat, he usually prefers to go to this of an evening when he’s more active.

  3. lovegrove65 (verified owner)

    I keep this in mystics pet carrier and leave it out on a daily basis the first thing she does when she’s let out for free roam time is run to the carrier to get some of the yummy brick.

    I definitely need to order more as it’s almost gone, the brick also made her poop nice golden brown colour 🤪

  4. michellepeate (verified owner)

    My rabbits really like this.

  5. Emma Almond (verified owner)

    Fairly good value for what it is. I like to give them hay bricks (previously purchased from equestrian shops) on days when they’re a bit lazy or lethargic. They’ll spend hours at a time nibbling and digging away at it, so it provides good enrichment.

  6. kitkatthomson123 (verified owner)

    Great enrichment as takes the buns a while to finish it. Slightly messy but to be expected with rabbits. Ordered several times

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