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Stacking Cups For Rabbits

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Rabbits love to toss and throw. These brightly stacking cups are ideal. Great for interaction between you and your rabbit, stack them up and watch them knock them down. Hide treats between them or line them up and place small treats under one or two so they have to find them

  • Safe for nibbling
  • Boredom breaker
  • Hours of fun and entertainment
  • Approved by Charlie & Jupiter

Colours may vary.

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21 reviews for Stacking Cups For Rabbits

  1. DrH (verified owner)

    My bunnies love their stacking cups! They love knocking them over and getting their little Apple pieces and dandelion roots! Then they love throwing them around, the room.

  2. alison.metcalf (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant. Thought it would take ages for my bunny to get the idea. He worked taking the stack down and receiving treats on each level in 5 minutes.

  3. Kandice Farrow (verified owner)

    The rabbits love these. I hide some of their feed in them and the rabbits love knocking them over and throwing them around. Easy to clean and easy to stack.

  4. Collier Teresa (verified owner)

    My bunny loves these. He throws them around and is learing to stack them. Lovely

  5. Rachel (verified owner)

    I bought these based on the reviews but I didn’t think there was any chance of bunnies getting so much fun out of stacking cups. Well I was wrong! My 3 love them, we put wee nibble treats in the cups and they would knock the towers over and actually bang cups that were stuck together on the floor to break them apart.

  6. Joanne McKevitt (verified owner)

    My 2 girls love finding their treats in these cups. One more so than the other is obsessed with banging them around on the floor to break them apart.

  7. annabellas87 (verified owner)

    My rabbits love these, as soon as I stack them up they are knocking them down straight away again and flinging them round their run. Only slight issue is that two of the cups don’t clip together so I can’t have them all stacked up at once but not a big deal. Great product.

  8. Junkyard Johnnie (no relation to ‘Shipyard Sally’)

    Our two girl rabbits, ‘Aunt Sally’ & ‘Saucy Nancy’, (named after the Barbara Euphan Todd books and new 2019 tv series), love treats in the cups, pulled a part in no time to find their pellets. Well worth buying.

  9. lovegrove65 (verified owner)

    Mystic loves these, I hide her treats in them, it’s so funny when she flicks them up in the air trying to find the yummies, she has managed to put one cup inside another maybe by accident but was hellerioius when she relise one had gone missing.

    I would highly recommend these

  10. emily05 (verified owner)

    I love these! We hide treats inside and the rabbits love knocking it down and throwing the cups around to find them!

  11. nat.crane (verified owner)

    These are brilliant, I hide treats/ nuggets inside, love watching my bunny knock them over and throw them about.

  12. trishdoucette85 (verified owner)

    My bunnies absolutely love these stacking cups! They like to pull them apart, knock them over and throw them around the room. We haven’t hidden treats in them yet but that is something we are looking forward to.

  13. emily05 (verified owner)

    Amazing! So light and easy for rabbits to pick up we ordered a second stack so both rabbits have one each. They love having their nuggets hidden inside the cups! Great fun

  14. sarahcoles1969 (verified owner)

    My rabbits have lots of fun knocking down the stack and throwing the cups around. I bought a set on the strength of people’s reviews here and I have been pleasantly surprised how much my two get out of them

  15. Shelley Legge (verified owner)

    Love these!! I love putting a treat at the bottom and watch my boy unstack these SO CAREFULLY as he gets to the bottom layer. Absolutely adorable to witness and it seems to keep him occupied for as long as I’m happy to keep putting treats/pellets/forage in the bottom layer haha.

  16. houseofwolves13 (verified owner)

    My bun loves chucking the cups to get to the treats I put inside! The smallest cup is adorable and makes the set extra special compared to standard stacking cups. Also a good size for rabbits as some children’s ones are a bit bigger

  17. tuckerbunnies (verified owner)

    I bought 3 of these for our resident rabbits in our sanctuary and was very pleased with them, a lot cheaper than most places and better.

  18. Elizabeth Rimell (verified owner)

    Our rabbits absolutely love causing noise and destruction with their stacking cups, we even get binkies from them whilst playing with them – 100% worth purchasing!

  19. Elizabeth Pratt (verified owner)

    Big hit with Radish Rabbit! He loves picking them up, tossing them in the air, and hearing the satisfying “clunk” as they hit the floor. He hasn’t yet worked out how to retrieve treats hidden inside them when stacked, but we’ll get there 😉

  20. John Lewis

    My bunnies love picking these up and throwing them around, especially down their ramps to make a loud, clattering sound! In general they’re not interested in toys, but they love these.

  21. rebecca_hopes (verified owner)

    A great purchase for my bunny Flopsy! She likes to empty and throw her food bowl around so these stacking cups were really good to encourage Flopsy to play and throw to her hearts content.

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