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Spearmint Leaves

100% Natural Dried Spearmint Leaves.

A great supplement for rabbits, contains high levels of natural fibre as well as vitamins & minerals.

Has a lovely minty fresh aroma and has natural properties that can aid digestion and the releif of gas.

All ingredients are naturally sourced, no additives, no chemicals & perfectly safe for all animals

Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoise


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6 reviews for Spearmint Leaves

  1. N Smith (verified owner)

    My selene, had gone off her food and water one day recently which was of great concern to me. She didn’t like any pressure on her stomach either. I then remembered I had bought these spearmint leaves. It was the only thing selene would try. She improved through the night and was back to her bouncy self and fully regained her appetite by the next morning. So pleased with the result and for the information that it helps aids digestion and relief of gas. Definitely keeping spearmint leaves on hand from now on.

  2. Carol Palmer (verified owner)

    My bun loves fresh mint so thought I’d give these a try to add to his forage mix and very popular with him they have been

  3. Aisling Irvine (verified owner)

    Bunny gobbles these up, they smell so good and came in a good sized bag. It’s such a good option and the fact that it can be bought as a single item is a bonus. Thanks Just4Rabbits!

  4. Julie Baldwin (verified owner)

    Smells Gorgeous And More Importantly My Two Babies Love It 👍

  5. heathersmith (verified owner)

    Smells lovely and big hit with my rabbits

  6. Hollie macdonald (verified owner)

    Great quality and smells so fresh! My bunny isn’t too keen after buying spearmint but do buy this if your bunny likes it!

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