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Twitchy Whiskers Spearmint Cookies

Twitchy Whiskers Spearmint Cookies are a refreshing treat your bunny will love! We take pure spearmint leaves and press them into crunchy, 100% natural cookies. Why rabbits love our pure spearmint cookies:

  • Made from 100% Spearmint botanicals: No fillers, just pure compressed spearmint
  • Delicious Minty Burst of Flavour: Spearmint gives these cookies a refreshing zing
  • Promotes Healthy Digestion: Spearmint naturally aids digestion and gas
  • Hard Texture for Healthy Teeth: The crunch helps wear down teeth
  • Varying Cookie Thicknesses: Ranging from 1.5-6cm for enjoyable nibbling
  • Great Source of Dietary Fibre: Support a healthy digestive system
  • Suitable for All Small Pets: These natural cookies are safe for any bunny
  • Suitable for Most Small Animals: Safe and loved by bunnies as well as guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and degus

Treat your pet to the refreshing goodness of Twitchy Whiskers Spearmint Cookies! These crunchy cookies support healthy digestion and teeth.

Blended (under extreme pressure) to create a fantastic, all-natural forage treat that is free of binders and additives. These crunchy cookies give them a fun new way to promote good dental health.

Feeding: Feed several pieces per day as a healthy treat

Composition: Dried Spearmint

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