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Sherwood Pet Health – Urinary Support

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Sherwood Pet Health – Urinary Support


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Sherwood Pet Health – Urinary Support with Cranberry For Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas, is a herbal supplement designed to improve urinary health in rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small herbivores.

Cranberry flavoured herbal supplement designed to aid urinary health in rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small herbivores


Improved urinary health

What are the benefits?

Sherwood Urinary Support supplements are designed to:

  • Reduce Infections
  • Lower Urine pH
  • Dissolves Stones / Sludge
  • Are 100% Vegan
  • Are Soy and Grain Free

Healthy happy rabbits

Contains: 100 Tablets / 60 grams

Weight .100 kg

6 reviews for Sherwood Pet Health – Urinary Support

  1. Victoria Mitchell (verified owner)

    Great product and speedy delivery.

  2. Samantha (verified owner)

    These tablets have been a total godsend for my girl who has bladder sludge. She has been on them for around 6 weeks now, her pee is less white and she is no longer uncomfortable! So much so she is now off metacam! Delivery is super fast too!

  3. Anne Mette Holm Halvorsen (verified owner)

    This product has saved my bunny’s life by literally dissolving a bladder stone. I have x rays to prove it. He has so far had three bonus years on Sherwood Urinary Support and is still thriving. Bladder stones came back three times, and with two surgeries in just over a month he was due to be pts when a large stone formed over the next month. After one week on Sherwood Urinary Support he was visibly better and after two weeks we took new x rays and the stone was gone. I give the tablets as prevention and more if he starts showing signs of problems. It goes away immediately. I can’t recommend these tablets enough!

  4. Colette Casey (verified owner)

    This product is amazing and I highly recommend it. I had never encountered the problem of kidney stones or bladder sludge until my poor bunny started to show signs of tooth grinding pain and discomfort when trying to do his business and his diligent work in the litter box stopped. It was looking like severe treatment options until I came across this product and started him on it. Within a week his discomfort had eased and he was back to business as usual. As he is a despairingly fussy eater and not keen on most fruity flavours, I did have to grind the tablets to a powder to get him to take them. Unusually he liked the Just4Rabbits apple quarter sample received with the order and I was able to coat small pieces of these with the powder to get him to take the tablets. It was such a relief to see him well again – this product is fantastic!

  5. Justine Hakes (verified owner)

    Good product and this appears to be the only business that sell it in the UK.
    Speedy delivery and great communication throughout.
    My bun loved the little extras too.

  6. unity.addison (verified owner)

    Fantastic product that helped get rid of sludge in my rabbit’s bladder. He is staying on this urinary support now for life. Very happy customer and a healthier bunny!

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