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Sherwood Pet Health – Emergency Kit For Rabbits

Sherwood Pet Health – Rabbit Recovery Food
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Sherwood Pet Health – Emergency Kit For Rabbits

The Sherwood Pet Health Emergency Kit for rabbits contains the crucial supplies needed to get your bunny on the road to recovery.

Restore energy, appetite and improve energy levels using the recovery food and appetite restore supplements included in this bunny emergency kit.


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The Sherwood Pet Health Rabbit Emergency Kit is designed specifically to help rabbits in emergency health situations.

It includes three packets of Appetite Restore, which is a supplement aimed at improving digestion and restoring the bunny’s appetite. The kit also includes fifteen packets of Timothy Hay-based recovery food, which is high in fibre to improve your pet’s G.I. tract mobility. Key benefits include:

  • Improves digestion
  • Restores energy and appetite
  • Aids gastrointestinal tract mobility
  • Soy and grain free

This bunny emergency kit is designed to restore energy and improve the overall health of your pet in unfortunate circumstances. It is a valuable resource for pet owners to have on hand, in case of an emergency, for added peace of mind and a speedy recovery.

Please note – a feeding syringe is included in this kit.


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3 reviews for Sherwood Pet Health – Emergency Kit For Rabbits

  1. Angela Urquhart (verified owner)

    Just what I needed and at a great price. Helped when my rabbit was ill. Shipping was super fast. Will definitely order again.

  2. unity.addison

    This is my go to formula for critical care.
    My bunnies love it and it gives really good results. I would highly recommend and I find it superior to the science selective pouches as well as being much cheaper.

  3. Samantha (verified owner)

    An essential kit to keep on hand. My rabbit loves the banana appetite restorer and rapidly licks out the bowl. I have to syringe feed the recovery food, but my rabbit clearly prefers this Sherwood version over other the brand the vets prescribe, and was licking the food off the syringe. This makes assisted feeding easier! The recovery food really helps keeps the guts moving and his tummy full until his appetite comes back.

    I really love the quality of the Sherwood products, and my rabbit clearly prefers them. I would love it if Just4Rabbits could stock the rabbit pellets, it is hard to find hay-based pellets with no grains/soy. Is this possible?

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