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Rosewood Naturals Harvest Festival

Bunny Delight – Fruity Edition
Dandelion Roll 'n' Nest
Dandelion Roll ‘n’ Nest
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Rosewood Naturals Harvest Festival is a tasty enrichment treat for your rabbit.


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A Natural assortment of selected herbs, grasses and other edible plants; carefully harvested, sorted and dried. For rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas.

Size: 80g

Storage: Please keep the treats in a dry, dark and cool place

Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and most other small pets.

Weight .09 kg

1 review for Rosewood Naturals Harvest Festival

  1. unity.addison

    An excellent forage treat for rabbits. It’s expensive but my rabbits love it when they get it on the odd occasion. I would definitely recommend.

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