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Rosewood Herb ‘N’ Hay Wheels

These wholesome herb and hay wheels provide a mouthwatering taste of the countryside in every bite. The 11cm diameter wheels burst with tantalizing garden flavors to delight even the pickiest rabbit.

Rosewood Herb ‘N’ Hay Wheels are more than just irresistibly tasty. They offer nutritional benefits too. The wheels are packed with 27.8% crude fiber to support healthy digestion and dental health. Essential phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals nurture your rabbit’s overall wellbeing.

With no added sugars, salts, or artificial anything, Rosewood Herb ‘N’ Hay Wheels are a healthy rabbit treat you can feel good about. Their all-natural composition makes them suitable for guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus, and other discerning herbivores too.

Treat your bun to the wholesome taste of the countryside today. Get a 2-pack of Rosewood Herb ‘N’ Hay Wheels and make your rabbit hippity hoppity happy.

Composition: Meadow Hay (70%), Nettle Leaves (12%), Dandelion (12%), Chamomile (3%), Cornflower (3%)

Analytical Constituents: Protein (13.4%), Crude Fat (2.5%), Crude Fibre (27.8%), Crude Ash (8.4%)


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