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Rabbit Treat Soccer Ball

Pet Remedy 15ml Handy Travel Spray Bottle
Rabbit Subscription Box
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7 Points in 'My Rabbit' rewards

Bright and colourful rabbit treat soccer ball, is a great way to encourage natural foraging behaviours whilst enricking your rabbits routine.



Novel and fun way to enrich your rabbits feeding time whilst exercising too.

This colourful and safe rabbit treat soccer ball toy provides fun, exercise and treats.

  • Good size hole allows for treats or pellets of most sizes
  • Can be used to dispense, treats, pellets or small forage
  • Encourages natural foraging behaviours whilst rewarding with food
  • Hours of fun and enrichment
  • Approved by Charlie & Jupiter & May

Simply unscrew one of the ends and place healthy treats, pellets or forage inside.

Weight .120 kg

Aqua, Green, Mauve, Pink


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