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Pear Wood Nibbles

Pear Wood Nibbles are ideal for adding enrichment and perfect to help wear down your rabbits teeth.

Pear Wood Nibbles for rabbits are 100% natural and provide a healthy boredom breaking treat and nibbly challenge.

  • 100% natural
  • Healthy ‘Nibbly’ challenge treat that prevents boredom
  • Helps keeps teeth neat and trim
  • Hours of fun and exercise

Size: Approx 50mm in length, Diameter Varies

Suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs


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100g, 200g, 1kg

2 reviews for Pear Wood Nibbles

  1. alison.metcalf (verified owner)

    Our rabbits love these. Have to buy every month as they munch them like sweets. Great for their teeth as well as stopping them being bored and destructive. Also mix them with apple sticks that they like to nibble round as well.

  2. danielle.barry1993 (verified owner)

    Great Bordem breaker, great for rabbits teeth, another favourite

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