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Natures Own Oat Cookies

Nothing but all-natural ingredients. No artificial binders or colouring, no sweeteners, no guilt! A natural, complementary, fun daily treat which can help promote foraging, teeth health and relieve boredom. These can be fed by hand to improve bonding with your animals. Alternatively, try hiding them in their run to encourage natural foraging, or simply just given as a natural nibble snack to enjoy.


Composition and Nutritional Analysis

Mixed Vegetable Cookie: Oat Bran, Banana, Carrot, Dried Vegetable Mix (Sweet Pepper, Beetroot & Pumpkin), Wheat Bran, Calendula, Mint.

Plantain Cookie: Oat Bran, Banana, Carrot, Plantain Leaf, Wheat Bran, Calendula, Mint.

All ingredients are 100% safe for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and most other small pets.

Contents: 8 cookies – 4 Mixed Vegetable & 4 Plantain / 100g

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