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Natures Own Calm & Clean Spray

Calm and Clean contains 100% natural ingredients to keep your small animals healthy and their home environment hygienic with no lingering chemical odours to unsettle them.

Extracts of camomile and lavender have been used to help create a calming habitat, whilst cider apple vinegar can act as a repellant for mites, flies and bugs. Designed to be antibacterial and break down calcium deposits often found in their homes, it is gentle enough to clean water and feeding bowls.

All ingredients are 100% safe and ideal for cleaning enclosures of rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and most other small pets.

Size: 500ml

Weight 0.5 kg

1 review for Natures Own Calm & Clean Spray

  1. Chris F (verified owner)

    This spray works well and does the job, the reason for 4 stars rather than 5 is that just after spraying the smell is very strong (quite vinegary) but it does lessen after a couple of minutes or so. After that the smell is lavender so nice but not overpowering like the vinegar. It’s more expensive than other pet sprays I’ve tried but it is good quality and I like that it’s all natural. I would recommend, just be mindful to not spray too much at once!

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