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100% Flower Mix

A blend of dried flowers, providing fibre to increase digestion, this blend of flowers adds variety to the diet as well as providing natural vitamins & minerals.

100% Dried Flower Mix contains Marigold Flowers, Hibiscus Flowers, Rose Flowers, Blue Mallow Flowers, Mixed Cornflowers.

All ingredients are naturally sourced, no additives, no chemicals & perfectly safe for all animals

Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoise


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15 reviews for 100% Flower Mix

  1. Claire Fritz-Domeney (verified owner)

    Such good value and really loved by my bunnies !!

  2. isabel harrison

    My bun loves this with his hay , amazing thank you !!

  3. Coco Lily (verified owner)

    Coco enjoyed picking out the flowers, will definitely order this again

  4. Suzie (verified owner)

    This really is a good quality mix with lots of large flowers in it. I scatter it over my bunny’s bedtime grass and he loves it.

  5. Jo Elson (verified owner)

    I filled a Natural Log Roll ‘Hide ‘A’ Treat’ with this folwer mix and they loved it.

  6. Hollie macdonald (verified owner)

    Great flower mix! My bunny loves this mixed in his hay and finding his favourite flowers. Recommend

  7. ajones1108 (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite flower mixes/blends and usually always ends up in our order.

  8. emily05 (verified owner)

    Brilliant blends which are great to add to hay for some foraging fun!

  9. AlisonWHB

    All these blends are fantastic, I love making up forage boxes for my animals with them. All my rabbits and Guinea pigs love them.

  10. emily05 (verified owner)

    Our rabbits are so excited when they have this forage! They love it

  11. tashn92

    Always fresh and absolutely adored by my boys. it always smells SO good, I want to nibble on the forage myself!

  12. danielle.barry1993 (verified owner)

    Loved by my bun, great value for money

  13. Jenna Richards

    A good forage mix to sprinkle in my buns hay very.much enjoyed, smells lovely too

  14. lisajtoye (verified owner)

    smells fabulous- rabbits love it, great product and good value

  15. kjp1988 (verified owner)

    bunny loves them!

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