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Soft, green, sweet smelling meadow hay for rabbits, boxed and delivered carriage free to your door.

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Fresh, Sweet Smelling Meadow Hay For Rabbits

A lovely blend of natural meadow grasses that your rabbit will love. High Fibre, Sun Ripened Hay for the fussiest of rabbits!

Sun ripened and harvested at the optimum time ensuring the maximum amount of nutrients.

Meadow Hay for rabbits is perfect for adding variety to a rabbits diet.

Blended Meadow Hay For Rabbits

Blended hays replicate a rabbits natural diet whilst providing a wider range of vitamins and minerals when compared to feeding one hay type and provides variety for ‘fussy bunnies’.

We care about the environment, therefore our hay is sun dried and naturally coloured. NO extra energy from biomass or other sources are used to dry our hay!

Sun ripened, harvested and barn dried using traditional methods to preserve nutrients and fibre that mechanical drying often removes.

Hand Packed to ensure you only get the finest quality hay in your box without nasty surprises!

We are extremely proud of our Meadow Hay for rabbits.

  • Soft, green, sweet smelling meadow hay
  • Sun Dried, NO extra energy is used for drying
  • Bursting With Nutrients
  • High In Fibre
  • Rich in vitamin D
  • Virtually dust free
  • Beautiful Fresh Fragrance
  • Delivered in an 80% recycled and 100% recyclable, plastic free cardboard box

Nutritionally Balanced, How Nature Intended

Soft, green, sweet smelling meadow hay for rabbits, boxed and delivered carriage free to your door.

Do you have a fussy bunny? Why not try one of our sample packs? Choose between, Timothy, meadow or a 50 / 50 pack.


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11 reviews for Meadow Hay

  1. Emma Taylor (verified owner)

    Bought this for my 2 bunnies, it has just arrived, really quick delivery and well packaged and great price for decent hay! Just given my buns some and they love it. Thank you for the complimentary gift too. Will be shopping again 🙂

  2. Sarah Scrase (verified owner)

    I’ve shopped around for years and this is by far the best quality meadow hay that I’ve found – and my bunny just loves it. There’s the added bonus that it comes in a cardboard box (no nasty plastic) which your rabbit can play with afterwards. So great product, excellent service and one very contented bun!

  3. Suzie (verified owner)

    My bunny loves this meadow hay. He’s got stomach problems so it’s important to keep him eating and he’s always enthusiastic about this hay. It comes nicely boxed up and I just put the box in storage and pack it into smaller bags to take to my bunny’s bedroom.

  4. chloeroseburgess1 (verified owner)

    My rabbit loves this meadow hay. He can be selective over what he eats and he has never tuned his nose up at this hay. Amazing quality, would defiantly recommend.

  5. Rosie (verified owner)

    Lovely meadow hay. Smells gorgeous! We used it last year in the HEDGEHOG HOUSE and the hogs loved it! As well as some starter hay inside the house, we put some fresh outside the door each day so they could take it inside and arrange their bedroom how they liked. They all survived hibernation snuggled up in this hay throughout this last winter, so we are very pleased, and purchased some more for this year. It is going down well with the hogs again, so highly recommend for HAPPY HEDGEHOGS!

  6. Vicki White (verified owner)

    Groot is a picky eater and we really struggled to get him to eat hay but even he doesn’t turn his nose up at this! 🙂

  7. Maria Rembert (verified owner)

    I recently switched from a different supplier to Just4rabbits and my buns love it! The meadow smells and looks really nice and healthy. The stalks are reasonable and not chopped up in bits like you normally get from other places that sell meadow.

  8. leveret

    I bought a sample sized bag of this Meadow Hay for Starbright, as she is a fussy eater (what rabbit isn’t ?) and I wanted to have some excellent quality hay for her for when she sits in her kitty litter tray and nibbles. It’s the best quality meadow hay I have seen. I used to buy hay from various stores but there were always dry bits at the bottom and I could never find one that just seemed to be fresh and natural and dust free, until I ordered this.

  9. Laura Mitchell (verified owner)

    I’ve tried so many hays for my rabbits but keep coming back to this one. My pair are fussy but they’ll eat loads of this. It’s of a consistent standard so I know what I’m getting. The delivery driver has asked if we own horses rather than rabbits as he can’t get over how often we get a 9kg bundle delivered 🤣

  10. Shelley Legge

    Nice hay, very long and thin pieces which were great for putting into his wooden hay dispenser. He didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as the Timothy hay I purchase from here but it was excellent quality so no qualms here. 🙂

  11. Donna Reynolds (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality hay, some of the best I have had! Big hit with one fussy bunny!

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