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Marriage’s Hypoallergenic Guinea Pig Pellets

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Marriage’s ‘Cool Pressed’ Hypoallergenic Guinea Pig Pellets

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Product Information

  • High 43% Total Dietary Fibre content
  • Formulated without grains*
  • Added vitamin C
  • Cool pelleting process to retain more natural nutrients
  • Nutri Pressed long pelleted fibre to help support dental health
  • Individual pellets help to prevent selective feeding
  • Prebiotic is added to support good digestive health
  • Linseed containing Omega-3 and 6 for healthy skin and coat

Feeding Guide

Suitable for adult Guinea Pigs 16 weeks+. On average a guinea pig will require 30-50g of pellets per day. This is a guideline and the actual amount needed can vary depending on activity levels and other factors. Guinea pigs should always have unlimited access to good quality hay and a supply of fresh clean drinking water.

When changing your guinea pigs food, always ensure that you introduce the new food slowly. Gradually increase the new and decrease the old over a period of approximately 14 days. If switching from a muesli style diet, then increase the transition period to 21-28 days.

Pack size: 2kg

*This product is formulated without added grain or dairy but is manufactured on a line that handles these ingredients and contains cereal straw (treated) which has the potential to introduce small amounts of grain to the diet.

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