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Just Grass Chop Brix

Just Grass Compressed Brix for rabbits promotes the natural foraging instinct of your rabbit, whilst providing an enriching challenge to break out the nutritious grass.

A perfect way for your rabbit to have healthy, nutritious grass all year round.

  • 100% nutritious Just Grass Chop
  • 1kg of Just Grass Chop
  • Helps to keep teeth and claws trim
  • Shipped in food grade kraft paper bag

Weight: 1kg

Size Approx: 16 x 14 x 8cm

Weight 1.1 kg

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6 reviews for Just Grass Chop Brix

  1. faynorris48 (verified owner)

    these are brilliant! I have been growing grass in trays for my buns which is fine but it won’t grow as fast as they demolish it so now the grass can rest easy for a few days whilst the buns have their grass brix.

  2. melaniehall86 (verified owner)

    Love this, it’s like a giant weetabix for my buns, they also love it. Great product.

  3. Emma Almond (verified owner)

    Fairly good value for what it is. I like to give them hay bricks (previously purchased from equestrian shops) on days when they’re a bit lazy or lethargic. They’ll spend hours at a time nibbling and digging away at it, so it provides good enrichment.

  4. kitkatthomson123 (verified owner)

    Brought several of these for my rabbits. Love them as keeps them occupied and enriched for a long time and last well when fed along side normal hay too

  5. ajones1108 (verified owner)

    We’ve been buying hay bales for a while and now the boy has been put on a low calcium diet I wanted to incorporate more grass into his diet as grass can take a while to grow and seconds for him to demolish so atleast now he has the grass brick and is perfect along side his normal hay.

  6. Harriet Blackband (verified owner)

    My guinea pigs love these and they last ages, it’s a bit more work for them to nibble at vs hay or grass so good enrichment as well.

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