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Happy Bunny Grass Box Trio

Your bun will be absolutely delighted as they shred and destroy these all-natural grass boxes to uncover the delicious contents within. The boxes are threaded onto twisted paper hangers with two birch wood gnaws for even more nibbling fun.

Hang these edible grass cubes in your bunny’s habitat and get ready for some enriched foraging playtime. The sweet grasses and herbal accents provide wholesome fibre to support digestive and dental health. And your pet will love engaging their natural instincts to sniff, nibble, and unravel their way through these boxes.

Give your beloved companion a nourishing foraging experience with zero plastic packaging. Rosewood’s Sweet Grass Box Trio lets your pet playfully indulge their senses of smell, taste, and adventure.

Composition: Sweet vernal grass (80%), calendula flowers (7%), rose petals (6%) lemon balm (3%) peppermint (1%)

Ideal for rabbits, Guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus.

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