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Dandelion Root

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100% Naturally Sourced Dried Dandelion Root

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100% Natural Dried Dandelion Root. A great supplement for rabbits, contains high levels of natural fibre as well as vitamins & minerals.

All ingredients are naturally sourced, no additives, no chemicals & perfectly safe for all animals

Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoise

Bag will contain a mix of large and smaller pieces of tasty root.


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Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Dandelion Root

  1. Ilse ten Kroode (verified owner)

    My bunnies LOVE this stuff! I give them one every night and they go crazy for it. Will be ordering again.

  2. DrH (verified owner)

    My rabbits, Gaston and Gigi are obsessed with the dandelion root! It smells so good and fresh. It is far superior than dandelion root I have bought from a leading supplier. It’s so good that I have made a further order as my rabbits demand it!
    The packing is both lovely, and ethical. It’s very easy to see that this is a family business which understands and cares about rabbits and the environment.
    We are totally converted!

  3. Gillie (verified owner)

    My rabbits absolutely adore these roots. They are by far their favourite treat and they get so excited when they hear the bag rustle. Everything about this product and the company as a whole is faultless. Thank you for making my rabbits so happy!

  4. isabel harrison (verified owner)

    I have a very fussy rabbit , but he loves this !!

  5. Sarah Scrase (verified owner)

    My fussy bun goes crazy for Just4Rabbits dandelion root and hops off to the privacy of his ‘rabbit cave’ (beneath a chair) to gnaw away, as if he’s afraid I’ll take it away from him! I can almost hear it wearing down his teeth, which is music to any rabbit parent’s ears.

  6. pudge

    There are alot of big thick bits in the bag that on my usual stockists were impossible to snap or even saw where it is obviously old and tough but these bits easily snapped into smaller pieces and my bunny was even helping me undo the bag he could smell that these roots were obviously fresher than he is used to, great service and great product!!!

  7. Jenna Coyne (verified owner)

    Bugsy was not sure on this would not take it like normal treat. Though if put on hay it would disappear overnight

  8. Kimi Kilburn (verified owner)

    My bunnies absolutely love this! Lovely big chunky pieces to gnaw on. Will definitely be ordering again!

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