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Dandelion Root Nibbles

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100% Naturally Sourced Dried Dandelion Root Nibbles


100% Natural Dried Dandelion Root Nibbles. A great supplement for rabbits, contains high levels of natural fibre as well as vitamins & minerals.

This is exactly the same quality as our regular dandelion root but much smaller pieces. Ideal for hiding in hay or in toys to provide enrichment and encourage your rabbits natural foraging instinct.

All ingredients are naturally sourced, no additives, no chemicals & perfectly safe for all animals

Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoise

Bag will contain a mix of smaller pieces of tasty root.

Weight: 200g


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7 reviews for Dandelion Root Nibbles

  1. Justyna Rozycka (verified owner)

    My bunny loves to chew it

  2. isabel harrison

    Another root that my bunny loves

  3. Suzie

    My bunny says: ‘TEN STARS, DELICIOUS’
    Ludo, my bunny, absolutely adores these. They’re so good he has to run away and hide to eat them. His only complaint is that they don’t sell them in bigger packs!

  4. arcadia.esdale (verified owner)

    My buns go crazy over these! More crazy than any other treat!! They are also perfect for buns without front teeth! They’re gentle on my Haimish’s gums and still tasty for him to chew on his back teeth

  5. saharper662 (verified owner)

    These are great!! Our buns adore them! Great for their teeth and 100% natural.

  6. Jo Elson (verified owner)

    Maggie And Daphne’s most favorite treat!

  7. Shelley Legge (verified owner)

    Fantastic. I’m so happy I’ve found a healthy treat that my boy loves just as much as his “unhealthier” treats. He gets so excited as soon as he hears the bag rustling and whenever he gets one he runs off to chew it which is adorable. I’ve tried other brands but he doesn’t get as excited for them as he does these so obviously these are superior in his eyes.

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