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Natures Own Hay Cookies

Purchase Natures Own Hay Cookies for the gift registry Hartwells Homeless Small Animal & Wildlife Sanctuary.
Nature’s Own specially selected Sweet Green Hay Cookies provides dry grass to add variety to the diet of rabbits. These will keep your rabbits entertained for hours!
Made from 100% natural forage they are great to gnaw and nibble as well as preventing boredom. Helps to keep continuously growing teeth of your rabbits worn down as they chews!
100% natural, no pesticides
The perfect natural, healthy enrichment treat
Helps to keep teeth trim
Size 1kg
Weight 1.1 kg

9 reviews for Natures Own Hay Cookies

  1. N Smith (verified owner)

    Cassie and selene love these, great healthy treat and boredom breaker.

  2. melaniehall86 (verified owner)

    Lagather and Torvi love these cookies. They love throwing it around.

  3. Aisling Irvine (verified owner)

    These last a good time as bunny munches on them as and when she feels like it. Nice size and no wastage. The dandelion mixed in is a hit

  4. shona.cooksey (verified owner)

    Our 3 rabbits all loved these! They were grabbing them as I took them out the packet. They must be very tasty!
    A very popular buy and I will definitely purchase again.

  5. Julie Baldwin

    Both My Babies Love These Hay Cookies.
    This Is A Great Way Of Getting Bunnies To Eat More Hay 👍👍

  6. mel_7000 (verified owner)

    My buns live these, will definitely be ordering again very soon

  7. mel_7000 (verified owner)

    My buns live these, will definitely be ordering again very soon thank you just4rabbits amazing as always

  8. Shelley Legge (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing but messy blighters. Received a few in the subscription box and needed to buy a big bag as my boy devoured them instantly. He loves these so much which was interesting as I bought some of the smaller square cookies and he wouldn’t touch them. Perfect for even the fussiest of buns!

  9. unity.addison

    My bunnies love hay cookies and will run away with one to eat it. They are extremely messy treats so be warned! They are worth the mess though, because they’re an excellent form of enrichment

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