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Colourful Wooden Maracas

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Great for enhancing the habitat of any small animal. These bright and colourful toys provide interest and are a great way for small pets to be entertained.


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Brightly coloured wooden maracas will enrich your rabbits environment. Rabbits love to toss and throw and they will love the sound this makes when shaken.

  • Safe paint
  • Wooden
  • Brightly coloured
  • Hours of fun and entertainment
  • Approved by Charlie & Jupiter

Size 12cm x 4cm

Sold singularly, random colour supplied.

Weight 0.1 kg

10 reviews for Colourful Wooden Maracas

  1. Coco Lily

    Coco enjoyed having this balanced on her head, she then found she could lift it an run with it and roll it around the floor. Hours of fun 😊

  2. harveysaurus.rex (verified owner)

    Paddington hasn’t yet figured out that he can shake these to make a noise but he really enjoys chewing it and pushing it around!

  3. willston (verified owner)

    Very cute tiny maraca that is perfect for being thrown around or gnawed.

  4. annabellas87 (verified owner)

    Nigel especially loves this as whenever I shake it he is so intriguing by he noise he can’t stop staring at it. A brilliant idea for a different type of enrichment toy, the colours are lovely and bright and immaculate. The handle is small enough that my rabbits can easily grab it in their mouths to throw around.

  5. lauraloo_2 (verified owner)

    Willow doesn’t play with toys really. She’s only 3 months and I really wanted to encourage her to stop boredom so I brought a few toys from just4rabbits. She really likes these maracas! She picks them up and throws them around and seems to really enjoy it. Beautiful and really well made.

  6. beck9

    Hours of fun! My 9 absolutely love these, they pick them up and throw them around for hours, even my boy with no insicors can pick these up and throw them around!

  7. Julie Baldwin (verified owner)

    Great Toss Toy For Bunnies 👍

  8. Emma Almond (verified owner)

    To be honest, my buns haven’t really “played” with this much, although one of them has given the handle a bit of a nibble. My buns are very small and it may be that it’s a bit heavy for them to pick up and throw. It still gets 4 stars though because it’s extremely cute!

  9. Shelley Legge (verified owner)

    Adorable lil toy with lots of cute designs but unfortunately my boy isn’t at all interested in these. I shake it and he just looks at me like I’ve lost the plot hahaha! I assume it’s adorable watching your buns play with these if they’re into them though. Fab for the price either way.

  10. houseofwolves13 (verified owner)

    My rabbit loves to chew the end of these and throw them around! Great product

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