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Carrot Throw Rabbit Toy

Purchase Carrot Throw Rabbit Toy for the gift registry Hartwells Homeless Small Animal & Wildlife Sanctuary.

Carrot throw rabbit toy – Colourful and safe rabbit toy provides fun exercise and helps relieve boredom.

  • Brightly coloured
  • Hours of fun and entertainment
  • Approved by Charlie & Jupiter & May
Weight 0.1 kg

15 reviews for Carrot Throw Rabbit Toy

  1. amyhollins14

    These are my rabbits favourite toys they absolutely love to throw them around of course they had to have a pair each but they will still fight over the same pair.

  2. kezzerty (verified owner)

    I have a very hard to please rabbit, and purchased these keys. She has really enjoyed playing with them and throwing them around. Really recommend to others.
    Delivered with other items from just 4 rabbits and all was packaged so well too, So glad I ordered with you and I will now be using again… 5 stars from rabbit and her owners.

  3. Stephanie Anderson (verified owner)

    Perfect price for a little toy my rabbit can throw around all he likes!

  4. danielleleblancq (verified owner)

    I have a pair of fussy rabbits, one loves to chuck his ball down the stairs and the other loves to throw the keys. Light weight but sturdy, seem to be a firm fave so far!

  5. annabellas87 (verified owner)

    Bought for a local rabbit rescue and their rabbits love it! They like to throw them around and they are nice bright colours too.

  6. charlotteharby (verified owner)

    My bunny always goes for my keys so this was the perfect little toy for him. He started throwing them around as soon as I got them out for him!

  7. Joanne McKevitt (verified owner)

    Lightweight but sturdy, my 2 girls love throwing their keys around. Brilliant packaging from Just4Rabbits, highly recommend.

  8. emilyjohnson20 (verified owner)

    Our rabbits absolutely love these! They have great fun throwing them around the room!

  9. nat.crane (verified owner)

    I’ve just rescued a bunny and wanted to try new things with him…. He loves them, it’s so lovely watching him throw them about and chew them of course!

  10. ae98 (verified owner)

    Both my rabbits love throwing these keys around, keeps them entertained for ages!

  11. lauraloo_2 (verified owner)

    Willow loves this toy. It’s one of her favourites and it’s the cheapest I’ve ever brought!

  12. Rebecca Wells (verified owner)

    Such a great price for a favourite toy, all my buns seem to find these great fun and enjoy making them rattle!

  13. houseofwolves13 (verified owner)

    My buns and the local sanctuary buns love these! Can be thrown around or attached to pen etc for rattling! Best part is the price – great enrichment that lasts for little cost.

  14. carolpetchey.25 (verified owner)

    My buns love throwing this toy around and for a very good price too

  15. heathersmith0693 (verified owner)

    Rabbits love to throw these around, entertaining to watch them play with them

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