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Carrot Flakes, Parsnip Flakes and Diced White Apple

Just4rabbits specially selected Dried Carrot Flakes, Parsnip Flakes and Diced White Apple provides a fruity, healthy snack for small animal’s which helps support the immune system and is a good source of vitamins.

Perfectly dried, it contains many of the B vitamins and has a high level of vitamin C which helps support the immune system.

Perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small furries.

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13 reviews for Carrot Flakes, Parsnip Flakes and Diced White Apple

  1. isabel harrison (verified owner)

    This is my rabbits favourite snack every-time i open his jar he is looking around for it !!

  2. Coco Lily (verified owner)

    Had a sample of this in our last order an the princess fuss pit loved it so order placed for some more

  3. Caroline

    Received a sample of these is my first order. I hide a few flakes in my bunnies hay and they go mad for them! They refuse to eat the hay until they have rooted out every last flake!

  4. Laura Baylis (verified owner)

    Another one of my buns favourite treats. I only ever buy her treats from here now. They are safe and natural and you know your bun will love them!

  5. Chloe

    We were kindly given a sample of these with our first order, and our bunny loves them! Will definitely include these in our next order

  6. ajones1108 (verified owner)

    This is one of the buns absolute favourite treat/snack! They’re obsessed, especially my girl lol great addition to their boredom breakers and hay! I’d definitely recommend these!

  7. lucy.waller6 (verified owner)

    Both my rabbits go absolutely crazy for this, it’s definitely their favourite! Would 100% recommend

  8. shona.cooksey (verified owner)

    Well, these proved to be a very popular treat with outr3 rabbits! They love them. Highly recommend.

  9. Tracey Heyes (verified owner)

    We were given a sample in our first order and my (very fussy) bunnies loved it! I’ve ordered a few times as it’s fast become their favourite treat. 100% recommended.

  10. reigh9 (verified owner)

    my giant continental Persil is SO fussy but got a pack of these and he ABSULUTLY loves them!
    i highly recommend these for ultra fussy bunnies!

  11. kitkatthomson123 (verified owner)

    Loved by both rabbits. I use it as treats and sprinkled in hay. Even my fussy bun loves it

  12. Franceska Dante (verified owner)

    I Erev. I sexy blue rexy bunny. Erev snuffle through hays for hours just to find a few of these. They lots tasty!

  13. Joy

    Poppy absolutely loves these! I need to order more. She is picky about snack and will often turn her nose up at things. When she hears the packet she runs over and she sticks her head and paws in the bag.

    She loves everything we have ordered so far from this company!

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