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Botanical Hay – Nettle, Dandelion & Raspberry Leaves

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Botanical Hay – Mixed Flowers
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Nutritious Botanical Hay – Timothy ‘Chop’ Hay blended with Nettle, Dandelion & Raspberry Leaves



Premium Botanical Hay containing 30% botanicals and Timothy ‘Chop’ Hay.

Our Premium Botanical Hay contains 30% Botanicals, most suppliers contain only 4% – 5%.

Why use Timothy ‘Chop’ hay? Timothy ‘Chop’ Hay contains greater nutrients than regular hay as it is harvested before the seed heads form. This ensures maximum nutrients are in the leaves and stems.

Our supplier uses 100% renewable energy to mechanically dry and lock in the nutrients, producing a crisp, sweet smelling nutritious hay.

Ideal for hay racks, loose feeding or as a healthy, nutritious treat.

  • Nutritious Timothy Chop Hay
  • 30% Botanicals
  • Shipped in ‘food grade’ kraft paper bag
  • Blended Hay encourages the natural foraging instinct

Note: Some settling of contents may occur during transit. Please invert the bag and shake contents gently before opening to rectify this.

Chop hay is shorter than regular hay due to the early harvest.

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1 review for Botanical Hay – Nettle, Dandelion & Raspberry Leaves

  1. shropiesheep (verified owner)

    I bought this for my two rabbits because they love the fresh versions of these leaves and there is not much available just now. They will hunt it out if I “hide” it in their hay feeder – so a great success.

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