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Bell Peppers – Mixed

Vibrant and Vitamin-Packed Mixed Bell Pepper Treats for Small Furries

Bring a burst of colour and natural goodness to your small pet’s diet with our delectable Dried Mixed Bell Pepper Treats! Crafted from a delightful blend of red and green bell peppers, these 100% natural treats are carefully dried to preserve their irresistible sweetness and nutritional benefits.

Bell peppers are a nutritious and popular addition to the diets of rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and many other small animals. Packed with vitamin C, an essential nutrient that guinea pigs cannot produce on their own, these vibrantly hued treats provide a natural and delicious way to supplement their diet.

The sweet aroma and crunchy texture of our Dried Mixed Bell Peppers will captivate your furry friend’s senses, encouraging natural foraging behaviour and providing a delightful snacking experience. Sprinkle these flavourful treats over their hay or serve them in a treat dish for a tasty and exciting addition to their regular meals.

Not only do our Dried Mixed Bell Pepper Treats add variety to your pet’s diet, but they also offer a concentrated source of natural vitamins and minerals. Indulge your furry companion with these healthy and irresistible treats, but remember to feed them in moderation due to their natural sugar content.

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