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Banana Chips

Just4rabbits specially selected natural Banana Chips are a fruity, healthy snack for small animal’s which helps support the immune system and is a good source of vitamins.

Fed as a treat only, bananas are a good source of vitamins and minerals, including potassium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C

Perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small furries

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22 reviews for Banana Chips

  1. Laura Baylis (verified owner)

    My little bun absolutely loves these.. she goes crazy for them! One of her fave treats!

  2. isabel harrison (verified owner)

    my buns favourite x

  3. Nicole Riach (verified owner)

    they were chosen as the fave out their sweetie jar!!

  4. lauren.natalie (verified owner)

    Our bunny loves these! The perfect treat

  5. Rebecca Simpson (verified owner)

    Another treat enthusiastically snatched by my buns !

  6. harveysaurus.rex (verified owner)

    This has definitely proven to be popular with my rabbit! It’s wonderful watching him enjoy a few pieces as a treat now and again

  7. Hannah Jesney (verified owner)

    My bunny absolutely adores these! They’re always his first choice of treat

  8. ajones1108

    We received these as a complimentary gift in a recent order and oh my! My boy went absolutely bananas for them! Lol

  9. kitkatthomson123 (verified owner)

    Great treat. Can be broken into smaller pieces. Perfect for training

  10. AlisonWB (verified owner)

    I have bought all of these healthy treats, I use them In foraging boxes for my own rabbits and Guinea pigs and also for my small animal boarding business. The guest rabbits love scratching around for the treats.

  11. sarahcoles1969 (verified owner)

    My rabbits love these banana chips. I hide them in a set of stacking cups for them to find and they find and devour them with gusto.

  12. mel_7000 (verified owner)

    My buns live these, considering they won’t eat fresh banana as a treat, they go crazy for these Banana chips

  13. sarahmould81 (verified owner)

    well loved treat

  14. Shelley Legge

    Fab treat. My boy isn’t keen on fresh banana (shocking I know!) but he loves these.

  15. danielle.barry1993 (verified owner)

    My bun loves these, she does her little happy dance when she sees me get these out

  16. Jenna Richards

    My bun goes crazy for these, as soon as she hears the packet rattle shes circling my feet. Her favourite treat by far.

  17. Elizabeth Pratt

    We received these as a complimentary gift with our latest order (thank you). Weren’t sure if bunny would like them as he won’t eat fresh banana. But he loves them! Perhaps even more than the apple/carrot/parsnip mix, which was his favourite treat before.

  18. Donna Reynolds (verified owner)

    Bunny absolutely loves these, one of his favourites!

  19. Chris F (verified owner)

    Our bunnies absolutely love these banana chips! The humans in our house aren’t massive fans of bananas so they kept going off, finding these banana chips was a brilliant fix for us. Banana is definitely their favourite treat and is the only way they will forgive us to taking them to the vets!

  20. abiwilliams1994 (verified owner)

    These are one of my bunny’s favourite treats! Excellent product and love that you can choose which size you want to order.

  21. rachel.l_dickson

    My buns love these, came in a monthly subscription box and they love them ! Will 100% be buying more

  22. Adele Pickering

    My bunnies go crazy for these. They get so excited clumbing over each other to get to them. I hand fed these as treats, as I love watching the bunny antics.

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