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Baby Bale Holder – Bunny Love

Wooden baby Bale Holder ‘Bunny Love Design’, designed specifically to fit our Foraging Fun Baby Bales.

Designed to elevate the bale for easy foraging and to help retain the bale.

Made from sturdy 9mm quality veneered plywood. Simple self assembly takes a few minutes without tools or adhesive.

Length: 45cm, Width: 25cm, Height: 14cm

Please note, whilst every care is taken choosing the highest quality veneer plywood for our castle range, as with all wood, colour variation and blemishes in the veneer are possible.

Does not include bale.

Weight 1.2 kg

16 reviews for Baby Bale Holder – Bunny Love

  1. nsmith2002 (verified owner)

    Received 1st baby bale holder and my rabbits just love it. I have found there is a lot less waste. They certainly have more fun at meal times.

  2. Louise Soper (verified owner)

    Absolutely love it easy to put together, fits the baby bake perfectly! Stops so much wastage, my two bunny love it.

  3. Lucy

    Amazing! My first order and I received the baby bale holder, a baby bale and some complementary treats. The quality is outstanding and my 2 buns are super impressed with them. Lots of fun and enrichment!

  4. Jessica Matson (verified owner)

    So perfect for the baby bales, keeps it a tiny bit tidier than just hay bale on the floor that my buns would just dig at… there is obviously still hay everywhere… but I feel it would be worse without this. And they loved sitting in it to forage and munch at the baby bale

  5. Hannah (verified owner)

    I recently received this item this morning. I have painted it in cuprional garden shades to make it look extra pretty. This is a game changer. It definitely reduces the wastage and my buns love to sit in it too. It’s strong enough to hold my 3 buns at once. I’m really impressed with this. I ordered a few other things, and received some gifted treats🥰 the communication between me and the business was perfect, very quick at replying to my emails and going the extra mile… thanks so much guys we will be back soon to purchase some more hoodies – everyone at hoppington house Xx

  6. Annette Jones

    Just got this baby bale holder and it’s brilliant my rabbits love jumping on top of the bale to eat the hay ! Well worth getting as it saves any wastage! Everything we buy from here is such excellent quality and my rabbits love everything!!

  7. Renée (verified owner)

    We’ve just received our third bale holder – we have four bunnies and they love these so much! First, they spend time nibbling toppings and eating hay. Then, when the bales are almost finished, they use the bale holders as beds 🙂 Highly recommend!

  8. annabellas87 (verified owner)

    Really easy to assemble product which I use for their hay bale. When it’s raining I take the hay bale inside (it’s in their run usually) and it means they can still play on the holder.

  9. Laura Wilde (verified owner)

    Perfect holder for the baby hay bales! Size is spot on and puts together nicely. Can then easily take apart to store while I place another order for hay bales (though I have somehow managed to lose one of the little pieces to slot back together again so it’s a little loose on one side now).
    IG: @wildebunnies

  10. Irene Kyriakidou (verified owner)

    This holder is very cute. Holds the mini bales so the buns can lean or jump on it to eat. Without the holder the bunnies would be rolling the hay bales everywhere and make a mess!

  11. Emily Gresswell (verified owner)

    What a great idea! Minimises mess and the bales are great enrichment for my bunnies. Sturdy, easy to construct and strong enough to hold my bunnies as well.

  12. ajones1108 (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this! Helps reduce mess, super easy to put together, sturdy (holds my French lop) plus it looks adorable!

  13. Julie Baldwin (verified owner)

    What a brilliant idea and the Mini Bales fit perfectly 👍
    It looks great in my Bunnies Nursery and both my Babies love hopping on top of it to eat the hay.

  14. Julie Baldwin (verified owner)

    What a brilliant idea and the Bakes fit perfectly 👍
    It looks great in my Bunnie’s Nursery and both my Babies love hopping on top of it to eat the hay 😜👍

  15. helencartledge (verified owner)

    Absolutely love our baby bale holder. Our bunnies get excited when they see it.
    Great enrichment fun for them

  16. Shelley Legge (verified owner)

    Absolutely adorable and so well made. This holds the mini hay bales snugly so my boy is able to jump on top of the hay without fear of it moving about. A must have if you’re interested in the mini hay bales!

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