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Baby Bale – English Garden

Baby Bale – Springtime
English Garden Blend
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Foraging Fun Baby Bale – English Garden


English Garden Baby Bale blended with Dandelion Leaves, Green Oat, Parsley Stalks, Rose Flowers, Marigold Flowers, Echinacea Stems & Flowers, Chamomile Flowers, Rose Petals and Lavender. Topped with a delicious coating of our English Garden Forage Blend which has an amazing, irresitible aroma!.

Baby Bales encourage the natural foraging instinct of your rabbit and helps to promote hay eating.

  • Sun Dried Timothy Hay, NO extra energy is used for drying
  • Bursting With Nutrients
  • High In Fibre
  • Rich in vitamin D
  • Dust Extracted
  • Beautiful Fresh Fragrance
  • Tied using natural sisal (biodegradeable)
  • Packed in brown Kraft paper bag (easily recyclable)

Each bale weighs a minimum of 1.1kg

Minimum blended stalks content 200g

Approx Size: length: 36cm, width: 19cm, height: 16cm

Please remove sisal once your rabbit has chewed through it.


Weight 1.2 kg

4 reviews for Baby Bale – English Garden

  1. Kandice Farrow

    My rabbits absolutely love the baby bales. They really enjoy the toppings and also digging through the hay and munching through it. It keeps them entertained for days. Definitely one of my favourite items for them.

  2. jessreynolds1996 (verified owner)

    All 4 of my rabbs love the bales and don’t let much go to waste so very good value for money!

  3. ajones1108 (verified owner)

    My bunny loves his baby bales. He gets a ton of enrichment searching and digging through it. I absolutely love that the forage goes all the way through and not just on top of the bale.

  4. chem_larder

    My boy loves the baby bales. Happy sits on top of them for hours. Extra enrichment and hay

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