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Apple Leaves

100% Natural Dried Apple Leaves.

A tasty treat and a great supplement for rabbits. Contains high levels of natural fibre as well as vitamins & minerals.

All ingredients are naturally sourced, no additives, no chemicals & perfectly safe for all animals

Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoise


Apple Leaves: Constituents, Potential Health Benefits, and Supportive Function in Rabbits
Constituents Potential Health Benefits for Rabbits Approximate Content (per 100g) Supportive Function
Dietary Fibre Aids in digestion, prevents constipation, assists in weight management 10-30 g Gastrointestinal stasis, Obesity
Flavonoids and Polyphenols Antioxidant properties, reduce inflammation Few hundred mg (variable) Oxidative stress-related conditions, Inflammatory diseases
Potassium Essential for heart health and nerve function 90-180 mg Heart issues, Nerve disorders
Calcium Vital for bone strength and nerve/muscle function 20-40 mg Osteoporosis, Dental diseases
Magnesium Key for muscle health and enzyme function 10-20 mg Muscle weakness/spasms, Enzymatic dysfunction
Phosphorus Works with calcium for healthy bones and teeth 10-30 mg Bone and dental health issues
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) Boosts immune system, essential for collagen synthesis 5-15 mg Immune deficiencies, Wound healing
Vitamin K Critical for blood clotting and bone metabolism 10-25 µg Bleeding disorders, Bone health problems
Folate (Vitamin B9) Essential for cellular growth and red blood cell formation 3-8 µg Growth issues, Anaemia
It’s important to note that while apple leaves and branches are safe for rabbits, the core, seeds, and stem of the apple should not be given to them as they can be harmful if ingested.


The data should be considered a general guide rather than definitive medical advice. It’s always recommended to consult with an exotic veterinarian or a rabbit nutrition specialist for personalized advice, especially when it comes to addressing specific health issues in rabbits.

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