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Alfalfa Grass Chop Brix

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Alfalfa Grass Chop Compressed Brix


Alfalfa Grass Compressed Brix for rabbits promotes the natural foraging instinct of your rabbit, whilst providing an enriching challenge to break out the nutritious alfalfa.

Alfalfa is perfect for young rabbits up to the age of 16 weeks to promote healthy bones as alfalfa is rich in calcium. Perfect for pregnant and lactating does.

  • 100% nutritious Alfalfa Grass Chop
  • 1kg of Alfalfa Grass Chop
  • Helps to keep teeth and claws trim
  • Shipped in food grade kraft paper bag

Weight: 1kg

Size Approx: 16 x 14 x 8cm

Due to alfalfas high calcium content, it is not recommended for healthy adult rabbits.

Weight 1.1 kg

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4 reviews for Alfalfa Grass Chop Brix

  1. michellepeate (verified owner)

    My baby rabbits loved pulling the hay off and was a good distraction from chewing carpet!

  2. caitlinmcalroy (verified owner)

    My bunny goes mad for this! Good for sprinkling on forage or letting them have a go themselves ❤️

  3. daniellefarmer1992 (verified owner)

    Our babies loved this. It’s great for their teeth and nails as well as obviously being edible. We’ve just ordered more for them 🙂

  4. (verified owner)

    This was a massive hit with our two baby mini lops and has lasted a long time as it’s really tightly packed so is great for their teeth. They also love scratching at it with their claws. They attack it with gusto and it keeps them occupied for ages.

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