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3 Forage Enrichment Pod

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The just4rabbits 3 Forage Enrichment Pod is great enrichment for your rabbit.


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The just4rabbits 3 Forage Enrichment Pod is filled with Dandelion Leaves, Plantain, Premium Flowers & Canadian Hay.

These are great enrichment for your rabbit to throw around and completely safe to gnaw.

Made from woven reed and can be refilled with forage, hay or other tasty snacks for an enriching treat time and again.

3 Forage Enrichment Pod contains Dandelion Leaves, Apple Leaves, Premium Dried Flower Mix contains Marigold Flowers, Hibiscus Flowers, Rose Flowers, Chamomile Flowers, Mixed Cornflowers.

Length: approx 30cm

Plastic free! All just4rabbit own brand items will be packed in our popular, easy to recycle kraft paper bags or clear compostable starch bags.

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5 reviews for 3 Forage Enrichment Pod

  1. Shelley Legge (verified owner)

    This is incredible! My bun loves eating his hay out of this. He finished the provided hay within a day or two so now I just re-fill it with his Timothy hay and he demolishes the lot always. He loves the satisfaction of pulling it out and munching on it, it’s adorable to watch. Super impressed with this! I thought he’d chew the whole thing up but no, he genuinely really likes having it as a hay holder.

  2. ajones1108 (verified owner)

    This absolutely amazing! My boy loved it and it kept him entertained for hours, it’s still going strong (which surprised me) he just loves playing with it over destroying it lol I love that you can just refill it and go again for hours more fun.

  3. annabellas87 (verified owner)

    Really impressed with this. The forage smelt lovely and my rabbits ate it really quickly so now I put their hay in it and they love eating it from there. It was bigger than I was expecting and is really good quality and I know they are safe to completely destroy it! Quite surprisingly my two haven’t destroyed it yet which I am glad about as it means it lasts longer.

  4. vicmealor (verified owner)

    This was bigger than I thought my Guinea pigs love it as there not much out there for them so I thought I would try it and I went down better than I thought will definitely be buy more from here for them even Tho it is marketed for rabbits thank you

  5. vicki.johnson887

    Much bigger product than I thought. My buns loved his and kept them entertained for hours. Really good quality products, only the best for my bun, great value for money too

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