Mats & Hideaways For Rabbits

Scratch That Itch With Rabbit Forage Mats

Forage mats satisfy your rabbit’s instinct to dig and scratch. Discover the benefits of these engaging scratch toys and essential digging accessories.

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Forage Mats Uncovered

A forage mat provides a designated scratch surface filled with materials to dig through. Benefits include:

  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Encourages natural scratching behaviours
  • Directs scratching away from furniture

Foraging Mat FAQs

A forage mat is a designated scratching surface filled with materials for bunnies to dig and forage through. It satisfies natural digging behaviors.

Yes, foraging mats are excellent rabbit enrichment. They provide mental stimulation and an outlet for scratching instead of furniture. Rabbits enjoy digging through the materials.

Good scratching surfaces include sisal, water hyacinth and reed mats, cardboard boxes, untreated wood blocks, phone books, and smooth rocks. Avoid plastics or fabrics which can catch nails.

The best rabbit scratching toys are handwoven mats made from natural materials. These are perfect for chewing, nibbling on or scratching and help prevent overgrown nails.

Dig In With Rabbit Digging Toys

Digging boxes allow bunnies to burrow to their heart’s content. Provide a designated pit filled with rabbit-safe materials.

Digging Box FAQs

Fill digging boxes with shredded paper, hay, straw, or soft t-shirts/towels. Avoid plastics or synthetics which can tangle nails.

Yes, a designated digging box gives an outlet for natural burrowing behaviours. It’s better than having your rabbit dig up the backyard or carpet.

Deter garden burrowing by providing a designated digging box filled with rabbit-safe materials like hay or fabric scraps. Use fencing to block off flower beds.

Try a layer of hardware cloth or chicken wire under your run to prevent dirt burrowing. Or fill with playground mulch. Provide a separate digging box.

Key Takeaways

  • Forage mats encourage natural scratching behaviours
  • Digging boxes give bunnies an outlet to burrow
  • Prevent destruction by providing designated scratch and dig areas

Rabbit Hideaways For Total Peace Of Mind

Rabbits adore cozy spaces to hop in and out of. Discover why hideaways are vital for security and the best materials to use.

Why Rabbits Need Hideaways

As prey animals, rabbits feel most secure with an enclosed space to retreat to. Benefits include:

  • Provides personal territory
  • Important for reducing stress
  • Allows privacy and alone time
  • Essential for bonded pairs to have separate spaces

Creative Bunny Hideaway Ideas

  • Cardboard boxes and tunnels – Provide airflow with doorways cut in sides
  • Concrete forms – Sturdy stackable tunnels
  • Willow baskets – Natural appeal, nibble-friendly
  • Ceramic plant pots – Tip on side and stuff with hay
  • Untreated wood structures – Eco-friendly hideouts

Hideaway FAQs

Yes, hideaways are essential for security. Rabbits are prey animals and instinctively seek out enclosed spaces. Ensure each rabbit has access to their own hideaway.

Good hideaway ideas include cardboard boxes, flower pots on their side, wicker baskets, or wood structures. Look for enclosed spaces with multiple entry points.

Wild rabbits hide in burrows dug underground. House rabbits appreciate dark, enclosed spaces like boxes, alcoves, or covered structures. Place hideaways along the perimeter for security.

The best rabbit housing has a hideaway where they can retreat and feel safe. Provide a box with multiple entry points for airflow. Locate housing along walls.

Yes, rabbits love hidey houses for security and privacy! Ensure hideaways allow for easy entry and exit, provide protection overhead, and are roomy enough for lounging.

Key Takeaways

Hideaways are vital for rabbit security

Each rabbit needs access to their own private space

Use boxes, baskets, pots, or untreated wood