Discover Your Bunny's Perfect Hay - Try Before You Buy!

Unsure if your rabbit will take to a new type of hay? Want to check if the hay is fresh and fragrant before purchasing more? Hay samples are the perfect solution.

They allow you to try small amounts of new hays first, avoiding waste if your bunny doesn't like it. You can discover new textures and flavours to enrich their diet.

Browse our selection of hay samples below:

Benefits of Hay Samples

Hay samples are a great way to:

  • Discover new favourites: By sampling an assortment of hays, you can discover new textures and flavours your rabbit thrives on. This keeps their diet enriching and engaging.
  • Avoid waste: Buying a huge bag of hay your rabbit won't eat is frustrating and wasteful. With samples, you can try before you buy in bulk.
  • Ease transitions: Slowly transitioning your rabbit to a new hay is easier with samples. Mix in a bit of the new hay each day to get them used to it.
  • Test quality: Make sure the hay is fresh, fragrant, and dust-free before purchasing more. Samples let you inspect and assess the hay.
  • Save money: It's cheaper to buy a few small samples first rather than big bags your rabbit may end up disliking.

Hay Samples – FAQ’s

Q. How often do I need to purchase new hay samples?

A. It's best to get fresh samples every 2-3 months as different cuttings and harvests will vary in quality.

Q. What hays make good samples?

A. Timothy, oat, meadow, and orchard grass hays are excellent choices. Herbal and botanical hays are also nice for sampling.

Q. How can I store opened hay samples?

A. Keep them in an airtight container or bag in a cool, dry area to preserve freshness.

Hay samples are a handy way to experiment and find the best hay for your bunny's needs. Order an exciting variety and see which hays hop to the top of your rabbit's list!