Brushes, Combs & More for Easy Rabbit Grooming & Cleaning

Keeping rabbits clean and well-groomed is essential to their health and happiness. Rabbit grooming tools like slicker brushes, de-matting combs, latex grooming brushes and furminators help remove loose hair and prevent matting.

Our own rabbits love being brushed with The Kong Zoom Groom, which helps to gently remove their loose hair like a magnet. Some of our customers love them too!

“This is a brilliant brush! I dipped it in water and it really helped the hair come off and it’s so easy to clean after. Willow seemed to really enjoy being brushed, it was like it was massaging her too. Best brush I’ve ever used!” - lauraloo_2 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

For sanitation, litter boxes with hay racks, litter pellets and scoops make potty training easy. Disinfectants and cleaning supplies keep hutches fresh. With the right accessories, grooming and cleaning are simple.

Case Study - How do you groom a bunny who hates being picked up?

A group of 34 rabbit owners were asked this exact question, and had these great tips to share:

  • Get down on the bunny's level. Sit or lay on the floor with them instead of holding them up. This will help them feel more secure.
  • Offer healthy treats during grooming. Pellets, small pieces of fruit/veg, or foraging treats work well.
  • Start with short grooming sessions of just a few minutes and work up from there. Keep sessions positive. Stop if they seem very stressed.
  • Try different brushes to see which they dislike less. Some bunnies prefer soft bristle brushes, glove brushes, or even damp hands over certain brushes.
  • Groom while the bunny is distracted with a meal, favourite toy, or organic toy to chew on.
  • Have a helper provide pets or treats while you brush.
  • Lift and groom just one area at a time if needed, like just the back or belly area. Allow bun to relax in between.
  • Give bunny a treat and pets as a reward after grooming to help make it a positive experience.
  • Be patient and keep sessions relaxed and calm. With time and positive reinforcement most bunnies will come to accept or even enjoy grooming.