Foraging Toys for Rabbits

Does your rabbit dig, toss, and rummage like they're on a mission? Satisfy scavenging instincts with our line of boredom-busting foraging toys! Specially designed feeders, mats, and forage boxes allow natural rooting behaviours while providing healthy enrichment

Types of Forage Toys

Foraging toys tap into innate rabbit behaviours of digging, sniffing out, and uncovering food. Popular styles include:

Snuffle/Scratch Mats - enticing fabricated grass mats stuffed with hay or treats to sniff and burrow through. A foraging favourite!

Hessian Stuffers - with holes challenge clever rabbits to manoeuvre treats and forage from openings. Develops problem-solving.

Treat Balls - hollow balls with treats or kibble inside force rabbits to roll and nudge the ball to earn each tasty reward.

Tunnels & Tubes - Multi-chamber hides filled with snacks or vegetables make rabbits work for their supper as they tunnel through.

Digging Boxes - containers filled with rabbit-safe shredded paper or soft soil substrate engage burrowing instincts. Toss treats in for added enrichment!

With such interactive options, mealtimes become an adventure rather than a chore!

Benefits of Foraging Toys for Rabbits

Foraging toys do more than simply slow down rapid eaters. Benefits include:

More Natural Feeding - forage feeders encourage rabbits to use their nose, paws, and problem-solving in ways concentrate feeds don't allow. This yields psychological benefits.

Dental Health – nibbling, tugging, and manoeuvring treats provides wearing action for continually growing teeth. This promotes better dental health long-term.

Mental Enrichment – working for treats activates and strengthens brain pathways in beneficial ways pellets alone don't achieve. The puzzle aspect steps up cognitive challenge.

Gut Health – the physical action slows consumption so rabbits eat smaller amounts more frequently. This aids healthy digestion.

Forage feeders check all the boxes for welfare - enrich the body and mind through natural feeding behaviours!

Foraging Toys for Rabbits – FAQ’s

How do you make a rabbit forage toy?

Recycle a cardboard box or toilet paper roll into a snuffle toy by poking holes and stuffing with hay and herbs. Or fill a paper bag with shredded paper to make a cheap dig box. Upcycling is eco-friendly!

What do you put in a rabbit forage box?

Good substrates include organic potting soil, coconut coir, shredded paper or cardboard. Then hide leafy greens, herbs, carrot pieces or a small treat in the material to motivate foraging. Change frequently to prevent spoiling.

What do rabbits like to forage in?

Rabbits enjoy foraging through safe substrates they can dig, burrow and nibble including hay, grass, straw, soil, paper or cardboard shreds. Scatter treats throughout to reward natural curiosity!

What time of day do rabbits forage?

In the wild, rabbits follow crepuscular patterns with peak activity at dawn and dusk. But pet rabbits readily forage toys day or night when active and inquisitive. Night feeding under dim lights can enrich sleep schedules.

Foraging Toys for Rabbits – Customer Testimonials

“My bunnies go crazy for this scratch mat! It keeps them entertained for a good 20 minutes foraging for treats. I highly recommend it." – Julie, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"What a great foraging toy! My rabbit loves nudging and rolling the ball around to get at the treats inside. Helps slow down his eating too." – Noah, ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Key Takeaways – Foraging Toys for Rabbits

  • Satisfy natural foraging instincts with tunnels, boxes, mats filled with treats
  • Physical and mental enrichment through working for food
  • Slower feeding promotes better dental and gut health
  • Reduce boredom and stress behaviours like chewing cage bars
  • Easy to make DIY versions from household items