Food & Water Bowls

Dining Delights: The Best Food & Water Bowls For Rabbits

Durable food and water bowls are a must for rabbits. Ceramic bowls resist tipping and are easy to clean. Stainless steel bowls also work well. For large amounts of food, try a crock bowl.

Water bottles and dispensers with metal ball bearings provide hydration without spills. With the right bowls and bottles, feeding your rabbit is simple.

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Rabbit Food Bowls & Water Bowls – FAQs

Yes, rabbits do need food bowls to hold their pellets, vegetables, or occasional treats. Using a bowl makes it easier for them to access their food and ensures that the food remains clean and uncontaminated by bedding or waste.

For water, rabbits can use either bowls or bottles, depending on their preference and what they are accustomed to.

Many rabbits prefer drinking from bowls as it’s more natural for them, mimicking how they would drink from puddles or streams in the wild. However, bottles can keep the water cleaner and prevent spillage.

Rabbits might tip their food bowls for several reasons, such as boredom, seeking attention, or simply because the bowl is too lightweight and easily flipped.

Some rabbits also enjoy digging or playing with their bowls.

Providing a heavier, non-tip bowl or securing the bowl to the cage can help mitigate this behaviour.

While rabbits can share a food bowl, it’s essential to observe their behaviour closely to ensure there’s no food aggression and that both rabbits are getting equal access to the food.

In some cases, especially with pellets, providing separate bowls ensures that each rabbit gets its fair share of food, reducing the risk of fights or one rabbit becoming dominant over the food source.