Flowers for Rabbits: Nourishing Blooms Your Bunny Will Love

At Just4rabbits we're picky about petals. We carefully hand-pick each type of flower to ensure your bunny gets only the finest, most nutrient blooms. Our dried flowers make it easy to mix into salads, greens or hay; and all have passed our strict bunny tester’s standards.

From chamomile and hibiscus to lavender and marigolds, discover new ways to add flavour and nutrition to your rabbit's diet.

Browse our line-up below and find dried blooms even picky bunnies love!

Chamomile Flowers: A Soothing Delight for Your Bunny

Chamomile flowers aren't just for humans; they can also be a delightful treat for your furry friend. These gentle blooms offer more than just a tasty snack:

  • Chamomile is known for its calming properties, making it an excellent choice for anxious or stressed bunnies.
  • Rich in essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, chamomile contributes to your rabbit's overall well-being.
  • It's a source of antioxidants that help support your bunny's immune system.

Hibiscus Flowers: Vibrant and Nutrient-Rich

Hibiscus flowers are not only visually appealing but also packed with nutrients beneficial for your rabbit:

  • These vibrant flowers are rich in essential vitamins, including vitamin C, which is vital for your bunny's health.
  • Hibiscus flowers are a source of antioxidants and may aid in boosting your rabbit's immune system.
  • They offer a flavourful addition to your rabbit's diet while providing essential minerals like calcium and potassium.

Bunny Botanics: Your Flowering FAQ’s Answered

Q: What flowers are rabbit-friendly?

A: Rabbits can enjoy a variety of flowers, including chamomile, hibiscus, lavender, marigold (calendula), rose flowers, and echinacea. These flowers are not only safe but also offer nutritional benefits.

Q: Can rabbits eat flowers?

A: Yes, rabbits can eat certain flowers, but it's essential to ensure that the flowers you offer are safe and free from pesticides or chemicals. Flowers like chamomile, hibiscus, and lavender can be delightful and nutritious treats for your bunny.

Q: Can rabbits eat garden flowers?

A: Rabbits can eat some garden flowers, but caution is necessary. Make sure the garden flowers are free from harmful chemicals or pesticides. Flowers like marigold (calendula) and roses can be suitable options when sourced from a safe garden.

Q: What flowers do rabbits not like the smell of?

A: Rabbits have sensitive noses, and there are some flowers with strong scents that they may not prefer. Flowers like lilies and strong-smelling varieties should be avoided as they might be off-putting to rabbits. Most types of Lilies are toxic to rabbits to some degree.

Q: What are the benefits of feeding flowers to rabbits?

A: Feeding rabbits edible flowers provides added nutrition, encourages natural foraging behaviours, stimulates their mind, and helps wear down teeth. However, only choose non-toxic, pesticide-free blooms to safely enjoy these benefits.

Floral Feast Roundup: 5 Top Tips for Nurturing Your Bunny with Flowers

1. Choose flowers with nutritional benefits like chamomile, hibiscus, lavender, marigolds, and rose petals which provide vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

2. Look for flowers with edible leaves or stems like dandelions and clover which allow rabbits to nibble and grind down teeth. Clover should only be fed occasionally to prevent intestinal gas.

3. Introduce new floral foods slowly and in moderation to allow a rabbit's digestive system to adjust. Monitor for any stomach upset.

4. Mix petals or small flower pieces into salads, greens, or hay to encourage natural foraging behaviours and prevent boredom.

5. Remove access to flowers if a rabbit overindulges on any one type. Variety and moderation are key for healthy digestion.