Baby Bales Stock

Please don't let your rabbits worry, our famous Baby Bales are simply having a break.

The home of the Baby Bale is the USA where it was originally used as a humble table decoration for weddings and other social gatherings.

Here at just4rabbits, we have taken this humble table decoration and turned into a healthy and enriching treat for your rabbit.

We use only the finest, top quality hay and blend it with botanical forage to create a Foraging Fun Baby Bale. The Foraging Fun Baby Bale is finally topped with further botanicals to create a bale weighing a minimum of 1.1kg.

Our Baby Bales encourage the natural foraging instinct of your rabbit whilst they dig, tug and nibble at the hay to find the tasty botanicals blended within the hay. Foraging provides enrichment, helps to releive boredom whilst providing a tasty, healthy treat.

For the ultimate tasty, fresh, foraging fun treat for your rabbit, all our Foraging Fun Baby Bales are made to order.