Our Story

Our passion for all things rabbit came about when we rescued our first bunny, Charlie. A 7 year old Dutch Harlequin that had spent his life in a small hutch at the end of his former keepers garden. He became unwanted after presenting with wry neck. Happily for Charlie, quick diagnosis meant that he is now a healthy, happy free roam house bunny who spends most of his time sleeping by our log burner.

We soon got Charlie a companion, rescue bunny Jupiter, a 6 year old English Spot doe was abandoned when her owner went off to university. And more recently, we have adopted May, a 9 month old Dwarf Lop doe that is full of beans and keeps Charie and Jupiter on their toes. They are now an inseperable, free roam, house bunny trio.

In our search for enrichment, we soon realised that there was a shortage of items available and quickly started making our own. We now source and supply quality toys, Timothy Hay and Natural Forage to not only prevent your rabbit from becoming bored but to keep them healthy too. Our toys satisfy the natural instinct to play and be inquisitive while our forage and hay satisfies a rabbits natural foraging instinct whilst providing essential vitamins and minerals and a varied diet.

Charlie, Jupiter and May are now the just4rabbits official testers and inspectors. If they don't play with it, don't like it or it's not completely safe, they don't allow it in the store.

About just4rabbits

Here at just4rabbits, we strive to bring you exciting, new and bespoke products for you and your rabbit. Whether it be our exciting new pet castle, providing hours of entertainment for your small furry loved one, or our tasty healthy treats and Natural Forage.

Our Natural Forage and Forage Blends range are made from High Quality, Grade A botanicals and leaves and are ideal to enrich your rabbit, guinea pig or tortoises diet. No pesticides or herbicides are used, no sweeteners or preservatives are added, they are just as they came from the field.

Natural Forage Blends are blended by ourselves, therefore we are able to offer tailored blends and supply in larger quantities. If you have a blend that you would like created for your bunny or would like to purchase a larger quantity, please email us for a quote.

When comparing us to other forage suppliers, all of our products are available in larger quantities offering better value. Shipping costs are what it costs us to ship to you, we do not make a profit from shipping costs.

Please take your time to browse our website, and if you would like to discuss any aspect of our products, please use the contact form or call us on 02382 182 371.