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Is yours

A healthy, happy rabbit?

A healthy, happy rabbit requires unlimited quality, fresh hay; our premium 'farm fresh' Timothy Hay is bursting with nutrients, high in fibre and has a lovely fresh smell that your rabbit will love. Our comprehensive range of Natural Forage provides essential vitamins and nutrients and encourages natural foraging. Enrichment toys encourage play and help prevent boredom. Healthy treats reward your rabbit; we our proud that our range is high in fibre and made using the finest non-GMO plant based ingredients.

Premium Timothy Hay

Approved by Charlie, Jupiter & May

Our 'farm fresh' Premium Long Stem Timothy Hay is grown in the heart of the Hampshire countryside and bursting with nutrients your rabbit needs. Boxed and delivered carriage free to your door.

Sunshine Blend Forage

Approved by Charlie, Jupiter & May

Our latest forage blends include Sunshine Blend and Summertime Blend. Ideal for sprinkling into hay to encourage the natural foraging instinct or feeding as a healthy treat.